Long time no speak…Update!

I know its been a while and I’m sorry lovelies…but its been for good reason, a few changes in life and left me with less time to blog, BUT I’m not going anywhere I just need to move things around and make a little extra time.

So what’s the skinny?

Well not me for starters…jokes aside as many of you know my weightloss journey has been rocky so decided to take a time out from group and go see the doc. I just found it difficult to accept that having been on plan since April that just under half a stone was an acceptable loss. As it turns out some of my meds are messing with the weight loss. But we’re trying some alternatives and I’m still on plan, but I’m not returning to SW for a little while. I am however geared up with my fitbit, fitness pal and a low fat diet and it seems my new motivation is helping as of the start of July I’m noticing a loss in inches – my jeans are so much a squeeze and I’ve found myself reaching for my belt which is a positive sign!

Another great motivator is I have a new job!!! Yep after months of unemployment and a slow fall back into depression, the fates have dealt me a better hand for the next half of the year! It’s nothing glamorous but for me – it’s great, I’m learning an entirely new industry and have a new focus.

In between all this I’ve been trying to work on how to fit blogging in as I’ve always been in the lucky position of either working from home and having the time whilst I was out of work. So I’m still trying to figure out what’s going to be best for me and for you guys.

I have been trying all kinds of hair and beauty products and also trying out new recipes in the kitchen too all of which I’ll be posting up over the coming days. So if you’re still with me, hang in there I’ve lots of great things to share with you. If you need a quick fix remember you can always catch up on all my thoughts and shenanigans over on my other channels.

Have a great week lovelies





Time To Change Things Up!

I know I’ve been a little absent from my blog recently but I’m back and with a fresh approach and passion for writing again!

This year has  surprisingly presented me with challenges, mainly at work and affected my home life, so not too long ago I made the decision to change things up, for my family and for my own sanity.  I’m no longer part of the Stella & Dot family, nor have I decided to continue with Younique.  Whilst the last 3 years have been a fantastic journey with Stella & Dot and I made a success of my business, I felt it time to move on to greener pastures. Younique was never meant to be a venture but I just fell into it.  Both brands equally great with fantastic products, but I now choose to be a consumer rather than a brand ambassador, with this in mind I have taken down the shopping tabs on my blog so no more selling – Yay!

I have also decided to get rid of my old business name and have gone with something more simple and that pretty much sums me up.  So from herein just call me Miss Naddy!

The content of my blog will be more authentic and not based around the companies I have represented.  I will have more time to truly focus on what I really love and bring my blog back from the dead.

B boy is happy he’s got his mum back, and hubz is probably more pleased that home cooked meals are back on the menu (that and I’m not out working in the evening anymore)  So I’m back in the zone lovelies and I can’t wait to share with you all my upcoming news and reviews.

Have a great day and stay fabulous.