August Favourites

Is it really  September? I just don’t know where the days are going!  This post was originally meant to be a mid month favourites but with the summer holidays and a well earned trip abroad time just flew by and sadly this one got left in the draft file…my bad!

So – here we are a new month and a new season (though it’s more of an Indian summer in the south of the UK) I give you a few of my favourite finds from last month.


Summer – whilst I always welcome it with open arms and sleeveless tops, but my thighs weep! I have absolutely bundles of maxi dresses and summer wear but in all honesty I dread it, god gave me curves and with that comes thick thighs..ok so my heritage is mainly to blame for that one what can I say it’s a blessing and a curse!

Like so many the cycle shorts(or similar) and talc were a staple  prevent the “chub rub”.  For me I’ve normally stuck to harem pants or jeans and vest but when the occasion required the dresses and glad rags were needed.   Despite dresses and skirts being easy and breezy, they also came with their fair share of thigh sized problems.  That was until I found Tortz, the tights/shorts hybrid was the answer to my prayers.

Tortz brown

Image with thanks to Tortz

These pretty undergarms are perfect for those hot summer days, light enough as their sheer and comfortable too.  The lace trim is so pretty and gives it a little sassy edge.  It also has a silicone trim on the underside to keep them securely in place.

I picked up a pair from their eBay store and couldn’t wait to to take these babies out for a test run.  They slip on well however if you have long nails (or talons like what I had at the time) be careful as you can like me stick a big hole in the lace trim (my bad) sizing is pretty good too.  Though I would recommend for my curvier sisters to go a size up for added comfort.

Tortz BW Vintage

Image with thanks to Tortz

Priced from £8.50 they’re an absolute steal plus there’s no fears of coming home and reaching to stick the bag of peas between your thighs lol

Available in nude or black and as a multi pack, grab your’s here

Dames & Dimes 

I stumbled upon  Dames & Dimes on Instagram one evening,   The cute branding had me aesthetically! Their posts were interesting, appealing and full of wit.  One evening I had a lovely chat with them online following on from a post on their foot cream.  I’ve always taken care of my feetsies’ but since the dreaded sprain back in March I’ve been living in trainers, whilst comfy as hell, the wear has played havoc with my feet. I noticed they were very dry and despite my sticking to  regular footcare routine the dryness hadn’t changed.  So after some great advice and a little banter I decided to give these guys a whirl.

When my order arrived I was so excited as I’d heard so much about the foot cream – the smell alone was reason enough  to buy.


How beautiful is the packaging?

Gorgeous packaging and lovely note of thanks

The Soothing + Restoring Intensive Foot Butter, is a rich cream which you lather on your feet before bed pop on some cotton socks and let the foot doctor do it’s magic.

Texture is more like a whipped mousse, which melts into an oil base rich with moisture. Made up of Mango butter and organic cocoa butter, it smells so edible with the addition of the peppermint oil it almost reminds me of a delicious milkshake (or frappuccino of sorts) either way it smells good enough to eat (though not recommended of course)

I’ve been using this now for a few weeks, and it’s worked wonders for my feet, they’ve been restored back to beauty and ready for holiday!

What I love most is that it’s 100% natural and handmade, so a lot of love and labour has gone into creating such a fab product.

The foot butter comes in at £9.95 for a 80g pot which will last you absolutely ages. I know the idea of popping on socks when you go to bed isn’t ideal in the heat but trust me you’ll want to make sure you put on a light cotton pair otherwise the oils will just soak up into your sheets – so you’ve been warned lovelies. But remember in the morning you wake up to super soft and nourished feet!

I also received a pot of the Energizing + Rejuvinating Sea Salt Body Scrub which I’ve tried and absolutely love and was a treat for my body whilst I was on holiday last week, it kept my skin super soft.  I always go for either citrus or sweet, and the scrub is packs a lime punch (think mojito for your skin) the scrub is made up of Epsom salts, sea salts and Dead Sea salts so you’re guaranteed you’ll be saying farewell to those dry skin cells!

Available online to order I give Dames & Dimes a massive thumbs up! I’ve just ordered myself the Nail & Cuticle balm – I’ve heard such great things and based on what I’ve tried, I know I’m in for a treat, look out for more fab reviews from a firm fave brand of mine!  In the meantime head over to their website to check out more from their range

Right Guard Shower Oil

So this was a surprise product for me as it just happened to be on my weekly shopping list, but Right Guard Shower+Oil is just fantastic and a winner for me this summer.

I picked up this bottle of happiness after having a disappointing experience with an in shower moisturiser.  So I was keen to try this gem, I think the scent and ingredients pretty much sold it to me (not to mention it was only £1.00 at the time)

Consistency is much like a shower gel but not as thick or gloopy, it lathers up well and feels smooth and silky on the skin.  Enriched with Argan, Marula and Almond oil, you just know you’re not only going to feel amazing but smell fab too thanks to the Monoi Blossom.

Post shower, my skin feels wonderfully moisturised, soft and supple, but for how long?  I road tested without further moisturiser and went on a day trip with son, by the time I came home and changed into PJ’s (yes that early) my legs were still soft and smooth, no dry patches at all.

Labelled as for dull skin, I’d agree and also just say if you love shower oils without the dangers of slipping in the shower (yep done that too!) then go for it.  It’s a great treat, and smells like holiday (if it had a scent)

I also found this great for shaving your legs, whilst the conditioner life hack was a god send, this shower oil works a treat, plus you can lather in the remainder once you’ve de-fuzzed.

Right Guard Shower +Oil is a great time saver especially if you’re in a rush or always have the intention to moisturise but forget!  It’s effective and won’t break the bank, I love this shower oil  and have since learnt that Right Guard also have other oils in this range which means I’ll be heading to the store very soon.  and will probably be sticking to this for a little longer.


Monoi Blossom…a simple flower with a wonderful fragrance.  Image : Wikipedia

Do you have a favourite shower product that you always pick up at the store? Or perhaps you enjoy the two step approach of wash then moisturise?  I’d love to hear your recommendations and thoughts.

Til next time lovelies.




Collagen Colway’s Pure Gold Mask

Nothing screams luxury than the sound of a pure gold face mask right?
OK if you can get past randomly bursting into song every time you talk about the mask like me! (Sorry, but Spandau Ballet were big in my day so there’s no escaping it!)
I was lucky enough to get my hands on this gorgeous product through Co Founder of Collagen ColwayMaria Luba-Muczko who kindly gifted me the masks to try out.
I’m quite familiar with Collagen Colway products and have used mainly their Collagen Gel, which is a great product, whilst as a baby faced 37 year old the results aren’t obvious to the eye, the product itself is quality and leaves my skin feeling great!
So Maria kindly suggested I go for the Gold Masks.  Well I was very excited to try and rightly so. These beauties are fantastic.
The site states after 1-2 uses,  instant moisturisation is noticable, after 3-4 uses a gradual reduction of fine lines, reduction of pore size and after 5-7 uses a visible reduction of fine lines with long lasting repair.
So what’s in them? The key ingredients are :
  • Colloidal Gold,
  • Naitive Collagen,
  • Elastin
  • Sodium PCA
  • Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin B and E
The masks come in gorgeous black and gold packaging.  Individually wrapped and on first sight these little gems certainly had me curious.
Looking at them, you could see that they were going to see they were wet, for some reason, I thought they were going to be oily to touch, collagen – fish oil…I just couldn’t separate the two!
Once I unwrapped my mask, it was  scentless but very wet and slippery(like a fish lol).  It’s an all over mask hence the smiley face below!
Applying the mask was interesting and fun!  It was a slippery sucker and very cold on inital application.  You simply place the mask over your  cleansed face and leave for at least 15 minutes.  It does state some people may feel a warming sensation but I was fine.
I won’t show you what I looked like wearing the mask as well it’s just too scary for anyone to see. Plus trying to do a selfie with the mask on proved quite difficult. Once place on face, I kicked back and relaxed.
So why use a gold mask?  What’s the big fuss?  For many years now we’ve seen the power within the elements of gold and using it as part of your skincare regime.   Cleopatra was a big fan!
Colway explain that the gold slows down breakdown of  collagen and elastin in our skin, so by using the masks, you can help improve firmness and the appearance of fine lines.
After 15 mins have passed, you simply rinse off with water and discard the mask.
I’ve used 1 pack and can say that after the first use my skin was fully hydrated, I have combination oily skin with few fine lines.  I can defineatly feel the difference in my skin and would highly recommend using over the winter months as we know how mean the weather can be to our skin.
The gold masks would also make a great Christmas gift.  We always love receiving pampering treats, this would make a great mini luxe gift for someone special.
Collagen Colway also have a special offer as part of their 14 day Gold Mask challenge order 2 packs (6 masks) for £69 normally £90, so it’s worth taking advantage of this great offer.
For more information on Collagen Colway and their products visit  their site here.

Retail Therapy – In Session – New Purchases!

Todays purchases were ordered a while back but am pleased to say they arrived today!
So my first purchase was the Joby GorillaPod Stand.

After meeting fellow blogger (and new idol or mine) Naomi Griffiths of Diamonds n Pearls we got talking about selfies and how to get the perfect pitcure (especially H2T shots)  I for one think I’m terrible at selfies (can’t even manage a decent duckface) and often want to show off my new outfits so how does one go about it when there’s no one about?
Naomi was fab, she shared her secret with me, (ok it’s not so much of a secret now) which was a tripod,  the Joby GorillaPod.  I specifically wanted one for my phone as I don’t own a SLR or fancy camera. She warned me off buying cheaper versions and having defected to an Iphone , I wasn’t about to gamble damaging it.
I can’t wait to try this out, so if you see me trying to coil this little gem round your fence or looking like I’m just going mad, fear not it’ll be me just trying to take a picture!
Joby have a range of tripods for smartphones, cameras and camcorders. Prices range from £20-45 online.
The second delivery was from my beauty favourites,  Clarins.  After a visit to my local counter, I decided to return to my first love beauty brand.  With the weather changing, my skin has also changed and has brought new skincare problems to deal with.
The Clarins lady was so lovely and ever so helpful, she gave me a heap of samples to try out, including Hydraquench Lotion for combination oily skin.  The sample I had seemed good and impressive under my makeup, but whilst looking online I discovered Hydraquench had a gel version of their day cream which is a lighter formula, more suited to combination oily skin. However at £35 it was a lot to spend on something that may or may not work for me.

Clarins has always had a great reputation, and I have many favourites from their various lines. But I had always assumed Hydraquench was for dry skin.
Online the reviews were great and I learnt that this gel had been discontinued before, but many reviews welcomed it’s return.  Howevert Clarins had brought it back for online purchase only. Having returned to the Clarins counter a few days later to see my new friend, she was surprised to hear about my new discovery(she too was a fan) she urged me to purchase before it was gone. So after a few more days of using my samples and loving the condition of my skin – I bit the bullet and made the purchase.  Of course with Clarins they’re always so generous with giving you more samples, I got to choose 3 and decided to go with Iris Toning Lotion, Foaming Cleanser and of course the popular, and truly amazing Beauty Flash Balm.
So there you have it, my purchases for today!  Look out for my new pics and not forgetting my gorgeous skin!
Have you bought anything good this week?  I’d love to hear about it.

What’s Your Skincare Regime?

Childbirth changed many aspects of my life,  one visible change was my skin.  Gone was the clear, normal glowing skin and in came adult acne, combination oily skin! Oh yes I also developed rosacea!
So you can imagine my once simple skincare regime became a minefield of trying and testing all kinds of products!

Cut a long story short it only took me 5 years of product testing to finally find products that actually worked for me. Looking back I really should have started blogging years ago, imagine the content!

To give you an insight on how I take care of my skin :

Cleanser  – Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
Toner – Liz Earle Instant Boost
Moisturiser – Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser
Exfoliate – Liz Earle Gentle Exfoliator
Mask –  Origins Clear Improvement
Blemish control – Origins Super Spot Remover
So now you know!  The top 2 are my definitely my beauty essentials and whilst I love all the products above, I’m always open to alternatives, which brings me nicely back to you guys!

I want to know what your beauty essentials are?  What do are you loving at the moment?

Skincare Essentials Regime, from the summer, came free with a Skin Boost Spritz.