Happy 2nd Birthday Make Up Revolution!

For me Thursday is the new Friday and this week was no exception. On 10th March  I attended Make Up Revolutions 2nd birthday party, and it was AMAZING!

I’ve been a massive fan of the brand since the beginning and with new products launching almost weekly what’s not to love? They’re have great products starting from £1 (yes I said £1) and they’re giving premium brands a run for their money with their gorgeous palettes, packaging, variety in products and with a cult following and heaps of involvement within the blogging community, it’s difficult to ignore the  successes of such a wonderful brand.

London was the city and Cafe de Paris was our backdrop for the party. We were given the VIP treatment from the outset, photographers, videographers, welcome drinks, we knew we were in for a good time.


The famous Cafe de Paris sign

We kicked off with an afternoon tea themed drop in session, it was a great opportunity to meet the the make up revolution family and all the brands (Freedom, colourless, I ♡ Make Up)

The tables were filled with all our favourite products across the brands, it was also good to see a few products which I’ve had my eye on and obviously they didn’t disappoint, so of course I’ll be shopping this weekend!

MKRVLT Rose gold

The coveted Rose Gold Lipsticks. We’re all waiting for Chauffeur to be back in stock.

I heart makeup chocolates

Death by Chocolate or Make Up Heaven, either way these chocolate palettes are to die for!


Freedom Make Up London-That Pro Artist Pad tho….

So whilst drooling at all the make up we also got to hear about some future products launching this year which was very exciting.  The good news is I can share deets with you all – Are you ready?


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Make Up Revolution have teamed up with British Beauty Blogger to create  “The Fortune Favours The Bold” Palette presented in a gorgeous brushed gold tin.  We weren’t given an official launch date but it will be later on this month.

The week commencing  March 21st will see the launch of the newest addition to the I ♡ Chocolate range “Chocolate Vice” luxurious golds and rich reds and pinks galore perfect to help get you ready for summer.

We also got to see a new hair care range which were so cleverly packaged as milk cartons and smoothie drinks which looked fab. The main focus was taming and smoothing hair which I’m looking forward to trying out as a sister blessed with curly hair, no one wants to see my “woke up like this” look.

There was also a hair colour range which looked great and will appeal to many with baby pinks, blues and turquoise still going strong.  The hair range will be launching in June 2016 so just in time for festival season.

Superdrug also had  products from their B. range out on display, which included Micellar water and a micellar oil which I’ve not yet tried.  They also had body butters and scrubs which all looked really nice.  But what really caught our eye were these emojji lip balms, the cuteness of these little pots were just too much!


Which emojji would you go for?

After checking out all the brands and products we had time to ourselves to connect with other bloggers, talk to the brands and grab a drink, I attended the event with fellow blogger Flo of Love From, Florence Grace who is always great company. We discovered the GIF creating station hosted by GIFGIF and well you’ll see the evidence of our handy work…




As the evening started to set in, we were spoilt with cocktails and canapés(which were aptly named after some of the palettes) finally the big screen came down and Adam Minto, founder and CEO of Make Up Revolution took to the stage. Using his charm and wit Adam delivered a heart-warming speech sharing is pride and passion for the company, giving thanks for the support from global partners to Superdrug and of course the blogger/social network.

Adam describes Revolution as disruptive, exciting, most of all affordable. As a natural born rebel, I’m always for creating a little chaos, so the idea these guys creating a little havoc within the world of cosmetics just makes me love them even more.

Make up should not be elitist. Should not be based on your ability or you willingness to pay more!
Adam Minto – CEO Make Up Revolution

Writer and Vlogger Daisie Smith  who works closely with TAM Beauty, then took to the stage to announce the amazing competition #IAMFREEDOM competition which launches in April and set to be the biggest beauty competition of the year!  30 individuals will compete through 3 challenges to earn a place at the live final which will be held in September.  Four runners up will win £1000 whilst the one lucky winner of first place will win £10000 (yep TEN THOUSAND!!) a years supply of Freedom products and a 1 year partnership with the brand.

As Adam was reiterating the details, Superdrug shouted off stage and announced that they would match all the prizes – OMG!!!

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After that fantastic announcement I think everyone was truly ready to party, another surprise for us was a guest DJ who turned out to be none other Scott Mills, we managed to get a snap with him which was pretty cool! The tunes kept on coming, and for those who know me, I love to dance so there was no stopping me hehe



My night came to an end around 1130 and as a final thanks we were given a bag of goodies. Which was filled so much amazing stuff.  Between Make Up Revolution and Superdrug their kindness and generosity was overwhelming, included were products from Make Up Revolution, Freedom and Superdrug.

haul 1


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I saved this one for last as I’d already had it on my lust list and almost picked it up last week.  In our goodie bag also contained the Black Arts Pro Artist Pad by Freedom.


I love how it looks like tablet cover



Take it all in… cute mirror and just look at those shades. 


Close up of the palette shades


So there you have it lovelies, the drink, the music and the make up!  I need to give a few shout outs to Flo and Julia for being the best company! Of course I can’t forget the girl gang I hung out with dancing all night like no ones watching, Kirstie, Orla, Tania, Leah, Hollee (and mum) and of course a massive thank you to Adam Minto and the TAM family for the invitation to help celebrate your success and for your hospitality and for the revolution!  Keep on making noise lovelies….

Happy Birthday Make Up Revolution!





It’s London Fashion Week!

I love February, it really is all about style and recognition!  As the glitterati  sleep off the Oscar parties and the hardcore party goers head off to the after-after parties (congrats to all the winners btw) Across the pond on our shores it’s all about London Fashion Week!

I was hoping to attend this week but my diary wouldn’t allow me which I’m gutted to say.  My sister and I visited last year and it was amazing, as it was my first time I definitely was in awe of it all, it really was electric.
I will however be keeping in spirit of this week as I’ll be off to a fabulous bloggers event hosted by Bloggers Love , so I’m excited to be in town when all eyes will be here.  London is a cool place to live, I love the vibe, the people and more importantly the style!
So in honour of this week, I thought I’d start the week off with a little style inspiration as to what I may have worn, if I was attending.
I’ll be in town tomorrow so I’ll be sure to post about my night out with an army of amazing bloggers – get this, it’s a gossip girl theme. If you attending I can’t wait to see you, if you’re not – who would your style inspiration be?  Are you a Serena or Blair?  Or a Badass Miss J or Georgina Sparks.
Who am I going as….well you’ll just have to wait and see!
It's London Fashion Week

FASHION FRIDAY The London Fashion Weekend Edition

As we say farewell to London Fashion Week, I say,  finally I can take my killer heels off!

It’s been an amazing experience following Fashion week as it unfolded, I know I wasn’t there for the big shows, but having attended a few shows and being at London Fashion weekend yesterday I really soaked up the vibe and definitely got myself caught up in the moment!

This weekend I’m definitely going with a more laid back style, I love my sportswear and if I were rich and shameless I’d probably be like those sports stars with a walk in wardrobe just for my trainers!

Sports wear sometimes gets a bad rep, if you’re seen in a pair of trackies outside of the gym it’s considered “chavvy” or just fashion suicide.

Thanks to the Sports Luxe (or Street Style as it’s sometimes known), we’ve been shown how to team up smart/casual day wear with your favourite trainers and still be on trend and look fabulous at the same time.

So this weeks #fashionfriday is for everyone who rocked their heels, pounding the streets of London in search of style and trends at Fashion Week!

Can’t wait for next season.  Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!


FASHION FRIDAY London Fashion Week Edition

So London Fashion week is here!  I can’t wait to see what the designers bring for SS15, more importantly how the high street will translate what they see and create affordable clothes for the likes of you and I!

I’ll be at Fashion’s Finest on Sunday to see up and coming designers in the UK and abroad showcase their designs! I’m also attending London Fashion weekend which starts on Thursday.  I’m super excited about attending this year as I’ll be going with my sister Dasha,  AKA D – designer and founder of Dark Jinx, custom designed perspex jewellery with an urban edge!

So the tickets have arrived, I’m being accompanied by a designer all that’s left is what to wear?

So this weeks #fashionfriday is inspired by London Fashion week and all the style that I plan on submergeing myself in!

Don’t worry I’ll be sure to take pics!

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies.


Days out with the kid!

I don’t know about you,  but to me this has been the longest summer holiday EVER!

OK so it’s probably feels like it more for me as a stay at and “try to” work from home mum.  Yep It’s been me and the boy all summer long, we’ve had day trips, lazy days and crazy mad days where we just don’t want to be around each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d never change what I have.  I wouldn’t ever return to commuting, working 9 to 5 and stressing about problems that I should have left at the office.  But this summer has truly been a testing time for both me and B Boy (my soon to be 6 year old).

It’s definitely been a a very different experience with him this year.  Last year was great we had fabulous weather and even if we went to the park every day, he was always happy to go and there was always a friend to play with.  This year the weather was fine for the first part but after a long last term at school we spent many just chilling… and then came the rain!

Through school, books at home and the internet he’s been discovering the world around him and insisting on visiting random stations on the London underground (he seems to think Russell Square is going to be an amazing landmark – kids!!)

So we explored London and it actually reminded me how amazing my hometown really is.  I’d literally forgotten.  As a kid my parents would often take my sisters and I on random trips to the city!

Some days we’d just hop on the train and go for a walk around the parks or stop by Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. As little girls we were always excited and couldn’t wait to see where our next adventure would take us!

Naturally I couldn’t wait to share this experience and recreate new and wonderful memories with my child. Our adventure started well, all smiles and wide eyed on the train and then came the “are we there yet?” Living just outside the big city means I’m always at least 10-15 stops away from getting off the train!

One of our first trips was to the National Portrait Gallery  I confess it was a first for me too!  I don’t know why I’d never been here before.  Both B boy were pleasantly surprised.  I think what made his day was seeing a fantastic portrait of his favourite writer of the moment Julia Donaldson, painted by Peter Monkman

If you don’t have a child under 7yrs, you’d be forgiven for not knowing who she is,but I’m sure if you looked her up, you’d recall at least 1 of her books. B boy was never a fan of the “Gruffalo” like many children everywhere. Hiis favourite was “What the Ladybird heard” but I think it’s great Julia has created a wonderful world for kids to explore and seek out their favourite tale – For me it’s “Room on a broom”.

In true tourist tradition, I picked up a few postcards for my boy to for show and tell (as well as few keepsakes of pictures that I loved!)

Julia Donaldson by Peter Monkman (left), Princess Julia in Meadham Kirchoff by Ben Ashtion (centre),  Darcy Bussell by Allen Jones (right) were my personal favourites.

Those close to me know how that I have an interest in the Tudors & Stuarts, since childhood, I guess it’s one of the era’s you first learn about at school and so stuck with me throughout my life and let’s face it, there was never a dull moment back then!  So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the collection at the Portrait Gallery! Yep I geeked out just a bit, and that was when I lost B boys interest!  
Luckily he had is grandad with him to keep him entertained whilst I tried to take it all in, but like all parents, kids come first and let’s just say I’m already in the process of planning a day out with friends to go back and take it all in…without any distractions!
I’ll definitely take B boy back again for sure, after all it was his choice and curiosity that made us go in the first place! I just hope his obsession with Russell Sq wears off soon lol!

If you’ve never been to the National Portrait Gallery – GO it’s just nice to walk through and see all the collections.  It’s really child friendly and some installations are video or audio based which is pretty cool.  It’s the first time I had taken B boy and he’s almost 6. He loves art and couldn’t believe some of the work there was actual paintings (some were so detailed even I thought they were photos!) What’s great is it’s location – right round the corner from the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square so you’re right in the middle of it all.  There’s so much to see at the gallery you probably won’t get through it all (unless the kids sleep through it all lol!)

Did you guys visit any great places of interest? I’d love to hear what you got up to and what’s on and where to go where you are.

Time for a change – here comes Autumn!

Wow, has it been that long since I last posted?  Hope you didn’t miss me too much!  Apologies for my absence in this small corner of the bloggersphere – I’ve been somewhat distracted!

But I’m back and with a bang too!  The end of last month saw the launch of the AW13 collection from Stella & Dot.

This coincided with our annual sales conference which was in 3 words – Amazing, inspiring and a whole lot of FUN!  With the collection available to view and try on, it definitely helped me decide what new pieces I was going to add to my ever growing collection of samples!

So where to begin, the new collection, brought style, versatility and lots of colour for the new season ahead.

My personal favourite and had me very excited was the stunning Frida Necklace

Inspired by the artist and legend Frida Kahlo the Frida necklace is, loud, proud and bursting with colour! With a mixture of soft peach tones against the deep blues and turquoise this necklace makes a statement for sure!
I wore it out the other day just to the local shops (I just wanted an excuse to wear it asap) and I found myself stopped by women asking me about the necklace.  One woman proceeded to follow me through 2 shops just so she could show her sister!  I never mind, it proves that as a statement necklace it’s doing it’s job and looking fabulous at the same time!
Another favourite is the Kahlo collection a luxe set enriched with mixed metals and sparkling crystals giving it that extra WOW factor.
I always felt that when it came to mixed  metals there was a little gap which as a stylist can prove a little tricky especially for certain clients that want just that bit more!  But the design team have finally filled the void and brought this amazing show stopper. I have the bracelet which is a statement piece on its own, but at the viewing I just couldn’t help myself in trying on the necklace!
With new purses, scarves and now cases for the modern woman to carry her ipad in, the collection was the biggest one I’ve seen since becoming a stylist.  It would seem that we generally release 2 major collections each year with 2-3 capsule collections in between.
I could go on about all the different pieces but I’ve highlighted a few – all are available to buy online at my online boutique:
You can see bold colours and mixed metals will most definitely be playing a big part of your Autumn/Winter wardrobe!  I’ve already had my eye on a few key items of clothing and footwear which I know will look amazing with my new jewellery and accessories!
In my next few blogs I’m going to focus on 1 or 2 pieces in particular the amazing Sutton Necklace which is a fantastic piece of jewellery and at such great value for money as it is 5 necklaces in 1 and yep I’ve tried and tested all 5 ways and they look fabulous!
Remember you don’t have to host a party to get your hands on these fantastic accessories, you can shop online from the UK and NI via my online store Why not pop over there now and see the whole AW13 collection.
Leave me a little note and tell me what your favourite piece is!
Until next time lovelies!

Psssst Preview alert!! -Autumn 2013

OMG I’m so excited (can you tell?) So in 16 days and counting, I’m off on our annual conference so aptly named HOOPLA! Imagine, over 2000 stylists from UK, Ireland Germany and our new stylists about to launch in France – all under one roof! It’s going to be a blast.

This will be my first time at HOOPLA but I’m told it never fails to exceed expectations and I really can’t wait as it coincides with the launch of one of the main product launches of the year, our Autumn collection.

The press have had the luxury of having a sneak peak so I thought I’d share that with you all too!

Preview alert! Redbook Magazine got a first look at our Fall 2013 Collection and shared a sneak peek of what’s to come on July 19th! I reckon you’ll be in “Haven”! 

I’m just looking forward to trying on these bad boys and putting in my order for my new samples so I can show off you to all and to my hostesses and their friends!

Stylist Magazine got a first look at our Autumn 2013 Collection and shared a sneak peek of what’s to come on July 19th! 

Discover the Peacock Necklace here: http://bit.ly/12dasBV

For me so far,  I’m loving the richness and depth of the colours.  To be honest Autumn, is most definitely my favourite season, all the great colours and trends which are always great as carry through when crossing seasons.

I just know this will be one of the best seasonal collections yet.  The Spring collection was heavy on the gold, but great for variety and the Summer collection brought us our holiday accessories and essentials. So I’m really excited!

I know what my favourites are…. let me know what you think so far!


Would you like to be one of the first to try on and own the new line?
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