Pushing Through The WeightLoss Lows

Hey lovelies, So as you know my weightloss came to a halt despite my efforts, well I’m back:

I couldn’t weigh in last week so paid a flying visit to another group on Saturday morning and much to my surprise I was 1lb down, a small loss but a victory nonetheless.

So how did the last week go, I found myself more focus and more happier.  I planned my meals so the food shop was easier and only bought what I needed plus a few healthy treats.

I also found myself posting up pics of my food (yes I’m one of those people!) as more of visual food diary, I found it quiet cathartic and really helped me focus on the day. I also found a wealth of inspiration in other Slimming world slimmers on Instagram by using hashstags like #swfamily #slimmingworldfriends there’s literally loads of different hashtags – go check it out now.

I got to spend time with my beautiful niece for 2 days this week, which whilst was so much fun, it was one hell of a fully body work out hehe! My little nugget is an amazing little girl, but boy is she fast!

So what have I eaten this week? Well I’ve treated myself to Bacon and Tomato butties for breakfast, with yoghurts and fruits as snacks.

I  tried out Duck L’orange from the Mediterranean cookbook, which was so lovely I can’t even tell you!  I also rekindle my love for Galia and cantaloupe melons, served up with some delish meats like Serrano – yum!

Lunches have been leftovers and salads, and meals have been a mixture of pastas, noodles, vegetable salads and omelettes! I should add I did make a beautiful Thai red curry packed with spinach, peppers and aubergine, which felt like such a treat.  Oh and so did the 3 large glasses of wine I had last night – what can I say, It’s been a long week!

So this brings us to today’s weigh in  – For once I didn’t check my scales and much to my surprise…. I lost 2lb it looks like I’m over the slump!

I’m feeling super positive and am just going to keep going and hope that the weight loss continues.


In case you were wondering, this what 2lb of fat looks like! ( Image from Pinterest – @sarz_connor)

So the next week will be really interesting as I start a new job, so my routine will change but I’m going to stick to the plan and go to work prepared for success and I’m definately going to be using the slow cooker heaps this week too!

Wish me luck lovelies!

Miss Naddy




Weigh In Week 1

Well it’s been a week since I made the decision to return to Slimming World.  It’s been a pretty good week despite it being Easter holidays and a mountain of Chocolate in our kitchen, which somehow I managed to leave alone.

The first 2 days were a bit tricky as I hadn’t really planned my meals and as we were entering the weekend the cupboards were almost bare! But I made do with what I had.  Friday was even tougher as I had family over so it was a take away dinner so I just chalked it down as my last hurrah and Saturday I was back on plan, then Sunday came along and we celebrating my niece’s 17th Birthday which was great fun, but it was hard to say no to the wine and nibbles.  So apart from my healthy breakfast the rest of the day was a disaster but with my syns allowance I was merely over by 3-4 syns so not so bad really…right?

Monday arrived and so did my shopping delivery which was packed with greens and rainbow filled fruit and veg.

I managed to avoid alcohol for the whole week which if you know me is a massive achievement!  Mealswise I decided to keep it simple this week with breakfasts mainly consisting of eggs and toast or cereal.  Lunch and dinners were a little more interesting.  My stand out meals were sweet potato skins and chilli crab tagliatelle!  I had a stab at making a pepperpot which I’d packed full of peppers and greens and chunks of beef.  It wasn’t the greatest but it kept me full.

I wasn’t able to make my regular group yesterday so I made sure I woke up early today and found a group I could pop in and weigh myself.

It was good news –  I’m down 3.5lbs which I’m pleased with seeing as I wasn’t fully on plan for the whole week.  I’m trying my best not to compare myself to others as it’s always a little disappointing when you hear about other peoples first week and they lost 8-10lbs and before you say I know – water retention….no person is the same.  I’m focusing on the fact that we are all on the same journey.

I’m hoping for a similar loss next week.  I’ve bought the magazine and will be scouring the web for meal ideas and tips for having a good SW week!

I have my my niece’s 1st birthday party, which will no doubt be filled with cake and prosecco but I think I’ll be able to be sensible and protect my weight loss.  Luckily it’s my only event this weekend!


Are you on a weight loss plan?  Have you tried Slimming world?  What were your favourite meals? I’d love to hear from you.

Til next week lovelies.