November Do over

So following my last update, I pretty much  failed at starting over properly.  I’ve no excuses, but as we enter a new month (and yet another step closer to Christmas parties and beyond) I’m feeling I really need to get my shit together.

I’m beginning to feel old demons finding there way back and I know none of it is good for my mind or soul.

So here’s to a new month, new week I’m committing myself by planning my meals so let’s do this :


B – Baked Oats with Blueberries

L – Tuna Salad Sandwich

D – Pasta with roasted vegetables



B – Scrambled eggs with toast

L – Jacket Potato  with Beans and Salad

D – Salmon and steamed veg


B – Beans on toast

L – Mugshot, apple and mini babybel

D – Steak, salad, homemade chunky chips



B – Sausages, beans and grilled tomatoes

L – Squash and red pepper soup

D – Chicken, pasta with med veg


B – Ruby Grapefruit followed by Granola

L – Last nights Pasta

D – Healthy chicken fake-away and Home made Chips


I know I need to get back in the habit of drinking water so I’m going to start the week with at least 1.5l and work my way up.

I’ll post shots on my social channels, so keep an eye out and as I now can’t make group I will make Monday’s my weigh in day so I’ll update you guys as I go along (I’ll try not to bore you all to tears)

 Now I’m working I’m going to need so food inspo for lunches on the go… please do share your pinterest pages, or share any suggestions you may have –  any support is greatly appreciated.

Until next time lovelies.










Back To The Drawing Board

So I have to start from scratch, yes the All Inclusive got the better of me, Bulgaria was amazing and I know it was only a week, but when you book a holiday like this you seem to be like a hamster stuck on it’s wheel.  All your meals become 3 course meals(!!) To think I was more concerned about the amount of alcohol I was going to consume, turns out I had more control than I thought… that and being in that heat  clearly knackered me out.

I’m finally going to see the consultant regarding my back and leg so hopefully we work towards getting fitter. Before the holidays my GP did offer me Xenical (Alli to us in the UK) which I did try but further research and experience led me to give them a pass for the time being.

So schools back, routines are firmly in place and I’m back to being on plan (as best as I can)  I’m not sure if I need a fresher approach with a dose of self discipline. But for now whilst I am unable to attend my group I’m going to follow SW eating plan for now.

So today’s food diary was :

Breakfast – 35g Muesli with Almond Milk (HeA and HeB)

Lunch – Bacon salad sandwich  with side of sliced tomatoes(6 syns)

Dinner – Stuffed peppers with side salad

Drinks 2 x Coffees with milk and sugar (4 syns)

Orange Juice (2 syns)

Low sugar blackcurrant carton

Total syns for today 12 syns

I know there’s not a lot going on here, but I just needed to make a start.  I’ll be hitting up Pinterest later so if you have a favourite Pinner you think would be worth a look or you have a board with great healthy and quick recipes, leave a link below.

Til next time lovelies








Biting The Bullet

b4 and after

This is me in 2010 and then in 2012, I’d lost just under 3st, I know, you’re all think I’m clearly sitting at a very unflattering angle, but nope I was just that big.  Before you ask, I became a mum, I gave up work for raising my family and well my life went from fast paced and commuting a lot to  coffees and lunches with sleep deprived mums and babies!

I joined slimming world after struggling to shift my weight. In all honesty I was inspired but a friend who’d lost 9 stone (yep a whole person!!) I figured if she could do it why couldn’t I?

So after 10 months of ups and downs I eventually made it.  What now?  Shopping became so much more fun and yet so dangerous as I had options!  As a target member you get to attend your meetings for free as long as you stay 3lb either side of your target weight.  Which believe me is not as easy as it sounds.  Once you reach target, your body has to stabilise with the weight loss so in my first week of losing I lost a further 2lb!! But the following week I was fine.  I kept the weight off and enjoyed my new-found body, I still attended my meetings then after a few months I figured I could do this solo, so my weigh ins changed to once a month, then once every 2 months.  After 2.5 years I noticed the weight started to creep.  So I naturally re joined and felt confident that it was going to be long before I shifted the little weight I’d gained right? WRONG!!  I went to group with a “know it all” attitude, you know the “been there, done that/ I know what I’m doing” attitude which in hindsight was my biggest downfall.

Following a difficult few years health wise, I now find myself at my unhealthiest and have headed in a downward spiral. So it’s safe to say it’s been a rough road but I have the most amazing GP whom whilst is helping with my mental health, he’s now helping me with my general health it’s all a bit Ying and Yang I guess.

On Thursday 31st March,  I took my first steps back into the SW fold and got back on those scales…yep as I suspected it’s going to be a long journey I guess I’ve just got to go for it.  For me! I’ve decided to go in like a new member with no knowledge of SW and hopefully not allow my cockiness to get the better of me.  It’s a big birthday next year and I really want to look and feel good.

Every now and then I’ll post updates, be it food inspo, tips, lessons learnt just to help me get to where I want to be, I reckon writing about my experiences will help me get through it all… cathartic I suppose.

So make sure you tune in to all my channels as I’ll also be snapping my meals etc… I’ll more than likely post weekly to tie in with my weigh in days so keep an eye.

I hope you enjoy this little corner of my mad ramblings and as always I’d love to hear from you too?  Have you joined a slimming club? What’s your journey been like? Have you reached your target or are you heading that way?  Talk to me.