Back To The Drawing Board

So I have to start from scratch, yes the All Inclusive got the better of me, Bulgaria was amazing and I know it was only a week, but when you book a holiday like this you seem to be like a hamster stuck on it’s wheel.  All your meals become 3 course meals(!!) To think I was more concerned about the amount of alcohol I was going to consume, turns out I had more control than I thought… that and being in that heat  clearly knackered me out.

I’m finally going to see the consultant regarding my back and leg so hopefully we work towards getting fitter. Before the holidays my GP did offer me Xenical (Alli to us in the UK) which I did try but further research and experience led me to give them a pass for the time being.

So schools back, routines are firmly in place and I’m back to being on plan (as best as I can)  I’m not sure if I need a fresher approach with a dose of self discipline. But for now whilst I am unable to attend my group I’m going to follow SW eating plan for now.

So today’s food diary was :

Breakfast – 35g Muesli with Almond Milk (HeA and HeB)

Lunch – Bacon salad sandwich  with side of sliced tomatoes(6 syns)

Dinner – Stuffed peppers with side salad

Drinks 2 x Coffees with milk and sugar (4 syns)

Orange Juice (2 syns)

Low sugar blackcurrant carton

Total syns for today 12 syns

I know there’s not a lot going on here, but I just needed to make a start.  I’ll be hitting up Pinterest later so if you have a favourite Pinner you think would be worth a look or you have a board with great healthy and quick recipes, leave a link below.

Til next time lovelies









Pre Weigh In Jitters

So following last week’s PMS gain, I fear another gain is going to show on the scales – I know that us girls can gain quite a bit during our monthlys but I hate using it as an excuse.

I can’t lie the bank holiday weekend and time of the month did make me feel a little lazy though I did try to prep my meals to limit the damage, but when you’ve struggled with your weight and know your body, you just know!

Emotionally I’ve been in a tough spot, with my birthday approaching anxiety levels have reached an all time high, but I have help with using all the tools in have to manage the stress.

So what will I do if I do have a gain? Crawl into a ball…no just kidding! I’m just going to make sure that apart from birthday celebrations I will stay on plan and protect any weight loss I have achieved to date.

It’s only week 5 so I’m trying not to beat myself up about it too much but it’s easier said than done.

Fingers crossed the damage won’t be too bad….I’ll keep you posted lovelies.