Pushing Through The WeightLoss Lows

Hey lovelies, So as you know my weightloss came to a halt despite my efforts, well I’m back:

I couldn’t weigh in last week so paid a flying visit to another group on Saturday morning and much to my surprise I was 1lb down, a small loss but a victory nonetheless.

So how did the last week go, I found myself more focus and more happier.  I planned my meals so the food shop was easier and only bought what I needed plus a few healthy treats.

I also found myself posting up pics of my food (yes I’m one of those people!) as more of visual food diary, I found it quiet cathartic and really helped me focus on the day. I also found a wealth of inspiration in other Slimming world slimmers on Instagram by using hashstags like #swfamily #slimmingworldfriends there’s literally loads of different hashtags – go check it out now.

I got to spend time with my beautiful niece for 2 days this week, which whilst was so much fun, it was one hell of a fully body work out hehe! My little nugget is an amazing little girl, but boy is she fast!

So what have I eaten this week? Well I’ve treated myself to Bacon and Tomato butties for breakfast, with yoghurts and fruits as snacks.

I  tried out Duck L’orange from the Mediterranean cookbook, which was so lovely I can’t even tell you!  I also rekindle my love for Galia and cantaloupe melons, served up with some delish meats like Serrano – yum!

Lunches have been leftovers and salads, and meals have been a mixture of pastas, noodles, vegetable salads and omelettes! I should add I did make a beautiful Thai red curry packed with spinach, peppers and aubergine, which felt like such a treat.  Oh and so did the 3 large glasses of wine I had last night – what can I say, It’s been a long week!

So this brings us to today’s weigh in  – For once I didn’t check my scales and much to my surprise…. I lost 2lb it looks like I’m over the slump!

I’m feeling super positive and am just going to keep going and hope that the weight loss continues.


In case you were wondering, this what 2lb of fat looks like! ( Image from Pinterest – @sarz_connor)

So the next week will be really interesting as I start a new job, so my routine will change but I’m going to stick to the plan and go to work prepared for success and I’m definately going to be using the slow cooker heaps this week too!

Wish me luck lovelies!

Miss Naddy




Weightloss Update….Struggling!

I know it’s been a few weeks since I gave you all an update so I figured I’d give you a little round-up of the weeks past.

It’s not been a very positive start for me, in fact I’m not quite sure why I decided to start my journey before 4 birthdays, a first holy communion, 2 bank holidays and a mad weekend in Brighton!  It’s clear I was destined to struggle.

To date I’ve had a gain a and a few maintain weeks, so last week my SW buddy and I decided to give each other the support we needed(more of a virtual kick up the bum!) and keep each other in check.  For me I swore I wouldn’t drink at all for the week and would stick to plan 100%.

So mornings we’d check to see what was for breakfast, send each other food pics etc or message if we felt like caving – Throughout the week I enjoyed planning and cooking different meals, ensuring I was hydrated with plenty of water rather than coffee. The weekly shop was filled with fresh fruit and veg.  Then Thursday came, I was dreading getting on the scales, I don’t know why but I felt like nothing had changed for me despite all my efforts and I was right another week and I’d stayed the same.

I was truly gutted this week, I worked bloody hard and there was no reward. But I didn’t run, I stayed for group and talked it through, I found it really tough to hear how one lady literally lost 12lb in her first week another lady lost a stone within her first few weeks and I’ve not even reached half a stone!  I feel so disappointed! It’s true what they say about how hard it is to lose the weight as you get older. I know we are all in the same boat and everyone’s journey is their own, we lose weight at different rates, but can I get a break here please?

I guess at this stage I have to just continue what I’m doing, will next week prove to be a better one on the scales?  Let’s hope so.

OK so enough of my pity party what can I do?  well I picked up a new cookbook which is all Mediterranean cooking from all over the Med and North Africa, so I’m excited to try some new recipes.  The weekend will prove a challenge as I’m out and about plus it’s fathers day so other than the actual events I’ll be sure to keeping it green!  Hubs thinks I should use the 5:2 rules as well as stay on plan. So I may well try fasting on some days, but we’ll see. I also need to think about measuring myself, whilst the weather has been rubbish I’ve been living in jeggings and tops but I know that even if the scales don’t show it sometimes the inches do!

How’s your week gone?  Did you make anything interesting this week? If you want to see what I’ve been making over the last week, head straight over to my Instagram account.  I always love hearing from you guys, what’s been your highs and lows of the week?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Here’s to being less of us next week!

Miss Naddy




Summer Style with JD Williams

English summers, like me can be very temperamental, one moment its torrential rain next minute it’s a heat wave and it between we have beautiful summer days, where the mornings start fresh filled with sunshine with the rest of the day just glorious.  It’s days like these that are perfect for a garden party, barbecue or Al fresco dining, perhaps a wedding to attend.  Then you realise you have nothing to wear or it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, but to wear and where to go?

My favourite method of shopping is online. There is an abundance of stores with next day delivery and simple returns processes – the choice is endless.

For this post I’m going to focus on JD Williams.  I hadn’t heard of them until the adverts with Lorraine Kelly started popping up on telly. In all honesty my perception of the brand was it was for the more mature lady – How wrong was I?

I soon discovered that there was more to the brand then I had perceived.  They offer clothing and so much more for all shapes and sizes. I was kindly sent a dress from JD Williams from their current collection.  I was sent a White Multi Print Dipped Hem Maxi Dress.  It’s a pretty white floaty dress, perfect all occasions. Normally I would have posted a photo of me wearing, I’m sorry to say the dress didn’t look as well had hoped, it was most definitely me than the dress.  I can’t lie I was pretty gutted as the dress is so pretty.  So instead, I decided to create a style board with the same dress

Garden Party

Garden Party by stylemebynaddyj featuring platform sandals Hi low dress / Platform sandals / Diamond jewelry / Crescent Ear Jacket

The dress is perfect for all sorts of occasions.  Discovering JD Williams, gave me an opportunity to look at other products on their site which I’ve used to accessorise the dress. What I love is the light layers of the dress which allow you to breathe in it especially in the more hotter days. I also love the flattering asymmetrical cut on the dress which cinches in the right spots to show off your curves.
The colours are well paired, however I found the yellow a little too acidic for my skin tone so didn’t really do the dress any justice.  I would recommend the dress for someone of a fairer skin tone. Accessory -wise, you could carry a pretty raffia tote or pair with a cute and bold clutch for the evening.
The dress retails at £25  and JD Williams are  currently offering 20% off and FREE delivery. Whilst I wasn’t able to showcase the dress on myself I will most definitely be making future purchases and will be sure to share them with you.
Have you purchased anything from JD Williams?  How would you have styled the dress?  I’d love to hear from you.
Miss Naddy



*This post was in collaboration with JD WILLIAMS*

May Empties

It’s been a while since I did an empties post and it just so happens I had a few lying around so here goes…..

Sanctuary White Lily & Damask Rose Body Wash

I’ve been a huge fan of Sanctuary products for such a long time now, in fact it was my first introduction to the world of Spas and Spa treatment/products.

Thanks to Boots and the amazing 3 for 2 at Christmas I can pretty much guarantee a treat from a loved one, not only do they offer fantastic value gift sets but quality is second to none.

If you’ve read my previous posts I absolutely love roses and their scent, so I was excited to try the White Lily and Damask Rose scent – it sounded so sultry however from what I understand it’s a hybrid rose which is often harvested for perfumery and it’s petals are edible! Mixed together with the White Lily and you have a delicately fragranced scent that can only be described as elegance!

The body wash also has beads which burst on contact with your skin.  It’s not a big lathering so if you like to get your soap n suds on, but leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.  For extra softness I used the body lotion from the same range.

For me this is a definite re-purchase, I love the scent, how my skin feels after use and the price.  At £5.50 for 250ml it’s a small price to pay for a little luxury.

Lee Stafford Here Come The Curls Creme Lite Hair Cream

As a girl blessed/cursed with naturally curly hair, I’m forever in search of the perfect product, that tames the frizz and leaves you with curls to die for without the crispness that remind you of your school days (if you’re my age then you know exactly what I mean!)

Enter Lee Stafford and his amazing Creme Light, all hail the pretty pink tube! I’m a big fan of hair creams, especially when it comes to my sorting my curls out.  Apply to damp hair and style as normal or style and go (my preferred method…especially when I’m the school run)  I love that this particular cream is specifically for finer hair, as hair cream can be a little heavy especially if you “accidentally” go overboard with the cream (Guilty as charged!)

As with all Lee Stafford’s products, they look great, smell great and work a treat. I’m left with endless waves that look great, healthy and feel soft to touch.

ATM this is my go-to product when it comes to going “au natural” with the hair.

2016-04-01 12.24.11

JR Naturorganics Organic Mandarin and Chamomile Moisturiser

I’ve not heard of the brand, so I was pleased to see a little sample in my Beauty Blogger Box in April.  Founded in the UK, JR Naturorganics provide natural skincare products which are  SLS/SLES, paraben, phthalates, and silicone free not to mention they’ve taken into consideration vegans, and those with dairy, gluten, and peanut allergies.  So if you tick any of these listed, this is definitely a company you need to check out.

I’m a fan of naturally fragrant products and the sweet scent of Mandarin comes through well.  Packed with loads of goodness including avocado, jojoba and lavender, they have carefully curated the perfect ingredients to create a lovely hydrating moisturiser.

The consistency of the cream was quite thick for my liking but absorbed well into my skin, and though the cream has skin balancing ingredients, I found cream made my skin more oily than usual.

I should say that this cream is recommended for normal to sensitive skin which isn’t my skin at all, though having checked out other fellow bloggers posts on this product, the overall feedback is a positive one.

For more information on JR Naturorganics and their products click HERE

Vichy Purete Thermale Perfecting Toner

Ah Vichy, can you do any wrong? Nope not in my eyes.  I just love pretty much ALL their products that I’ve tried, but I’m a massive fan of their cleansing range. So I figured it was time I gave their Purete Thermale range a whirl.

Created for sensitive skin and enriched with their thermal spa water, this range for me feels like a treat for my skin.  It smells and feels wonderful.  The scent is fresh and leaves my skin fully cleansed and smooth without drying it out.

Along with the toner I bought the cleansing gel but I’ve only just started using, so far so good, but I’ll give you more deets soon.

With Vichy they always deliver great quality at affordable prices, so if you’re after a little treat from the high street (or online) I urge you to give them a try,and if you’re looking  for something for your sensitive skin, that’s delicately fragranced and without all the nonsense like parabens etc… then this brand is for you!

Available online and in Boots stores

So what do you think?  Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any recommendations for me to try I’m always looking for new products and new brands to discover.

Lots of love

Miss Naddy



Fast Forward to Week 7

Hey lovelies,

Well it’s been a whirlwind 2 weeks, now we are on the other side of the “Birthday apocalypse” and my weekend away to Brighton with my blog squad, it’s time to get my life in order and back on plan.

I didn’t weigh in on week 6 mainly because it was the day before my birthday and I’d already been out for celebratory drinks, plus with siblings birthdays 3 days apart after mine, it was just all too much, coming off plan, then on plan, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind.  So I made an executive decision…. I’m a big girl – a grown up pretty sure I can handle coming off plan, enjoying myself for a week then getting back on the wagon and that’s what I did!

Ideally if it was the one off night out I’m normally pretty good, if it’s drinks then it’s a GnT (slimline of course) or a Voddy and diet coke.  If it’s dinner, well I try to be good, but save my syns just in case there’s a baked camembert or if we’re going out for pizza.  I think balance and prep is always the best way.  If you know you’ve got an event, then think about how you will survive it rather than being the “I can’t… I’m on a diet”  girl. I seldom tell friends when I’m out.  If it’s dining out I always check the menu ahead and plan what I’m going to have, that way I’m less likely to make poor choices, but sometimes there’s just no avoiding it- but don’t stress, 1 meal isn’t going to ruin a whole week and 1 meal isn’t a free pass to go off the rails either (I know easier said than done, but stay strong lovelies!)

After my amazing and crazy 24hrs in Brighton with Tania, Orla, Kirsty and the beautiful peeps at Revenge, I made a promise do some damage limitation, realistically I was talking about 4 days to get it done.  I weighed myself at home and was +3lb so I needed to lose all and some or at least get back to what I was before I left.

A photo posted by Naddy J (@just_miss_naddy) on May 18, 2016 at 2:04am PDT


So 4 days of crudities, low syn/no syn dinners and loads of water (lord knows I needed the hydration!) I gave banana pancakes a try which was delicious – at 5 syns per banana used it was well worth it!

I’m pleased to say I managed to maintain my 4lb loss, but this week I need to really kickstart that weight loss.

So what will I be doing differently?

  • HYDRATING – for 3 days everything I drank tasted like Tequila, which isn’t normally a problem, but not so good when it’s your morning coffee!
  • Trying at least 3 new recipes from the new SW mag
  • Going green – Eating as much veg as I can with every meal!

So that’s the plan.  Tonight I can’t decide on courgette and bacon risotto or Chicken and mushroom pasta… I reckon it might just be the latter.

With the weather getting warmer, I feel like I’m restricted on time as I’m trying to avoid buying clothes as the aim is to lose weight which means I won’t be this size for too long, so it’s baggy tees n jeggings for me til then.  But if you have any fab style solutions for those losing weight I’d love to hear.  At the mo I seem to be rocking more hobo than boho.

That’s your lot for today lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, if there’s anything you’d like to see me post, please do say and I  can always incorporate it it my future posts.

How’s your weight loss journey so far?  I want to hear from you, high or low let’s support each other.

Take care for now.






Weigh In Week 5

Despite last nights pre weigh in anxiety I managed to make it to weigh in, unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the group session as B Boy had a day of school for the Mayoral Election.

So I managed to stay the same, which I was surprised and relieved about which means my total loss stands at 4.5lbs lost.  I seriously thought I’d gained this week, not for cheating but I guess my hormones made me feel like I’d put on.

This week will most definitely prove to be quite the challenge as we enter what my 2 sisters and I call “Birthday Apocalypse” which kicks of with my birthday tomorrow followed by theirs next week. (we’re 3 days apart…way to go with the planning mum!) I think birthdays are always a free pass when it comes to weight loss.  If you can’t treat yourself then when?  The trick is to pick up the slack when you’re not celebrating.

The greens are in the fridge, I’ll be picking up some speedy fruits and the essentials are ready for the taking… so I’m armed and ready.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram as I’ll be posting the celebrations over on my channel, I can tell you there’ll be cocktails and most definitely desserts!!

I’ll be back to norm on Sunday, ensuring I protect my weight loss I’ll be starting the day with a hearty breakfast, this week I’ll be trying out Baked Egg & Sweet Potato Hash a la SW style (just needs a few tweaks to make it SW friendly and I’ll be good to go!)


Recipe found on  www.thelittlegreenspoon.com

Right that’s all from me today, hope you all have a wonderful week.  If you’re on your own weight loss journey I’d love to hear from you, especially if you have any tips on surviving  a hectic social life!

Have a great weekend lovelies.







Pre Weigh In Jitters

So following last week’s PMS gain, I fear another gain is going to show on the scales – I know that us girls can gain quite a bit during our monthlys but I hate using it as an excuse.

I can’t lie the bank holiday weekend and time of the month did make me feel a little lazy though I did try to prep my meals to limit the damage, but when you’ve struggled with your weight and know your body, you just know!

Emotionally I’ve been in a tough spot, with my birthday approaching anxiety levels have reached an all time high, but I have help with using all the tools in have to manage the stress.

So what will I do if I do have a gain? Crawl into a ball…no just kidding! I’m just going to make sure that apart from birthday celebrations I will stay on plan and protect any weight loss I have achieved to date.

It’s only week 5 so I’m trying not to beat myself up about it too much but it’s easier said than done.

Fingers crossed the damage won’t be too bad….I’ll keep you posted lovelies.