Happy 2nd Birthday Make Up Revolution!

For me Thursday is the new Friday and this week was no exception. On 10th March  I attended Make Up Revolutions 2nd birthday party, and it was AMAZING!

I’ve been a massive fan of the brand since the beginning and with new products launching almost weekly what’s not to love? They’re have great products starting from £1 (yes I said £1) and they’re giving premium brands a run for their money with their gorgeous palettes, packaging, variety in products and with a cult following and heaps of involvement within the blogging community, it’s difficult to ignore the  successes of such a wonderful brand.

London was the city and Cafe de Paris was our backdrop for the party. We were given the VIP treatment from the outset, photographers, videographers, welcome drinks, we knew we were in for a good time.


The famous Cafe de Paris sign

We kicked off with an afternoon tea themed drop in session, it was a great opportunity to meet the the make up revolution family and all the brands (Freedom, colourless, I ♡ Make Up)

The tables were filled with all our favourite products across the brands, it was also good to see a few products which I’ve had my eye on and obviously they didn’t disappoint, so of course I’ll be shopping this weekend!

MKRVLT Rose gold

The coveted Rose Gold Lipsticks. We’re all waiting for Chauffeur to be back in stock.

I heart makeup chocolates

Death by Chocolate or Make Up Heaven, either way these chocolate palettes are to die for!


Freedom Make Up London-That Pro Artist Pad tho….

So whilst drooling at all the make up we also got to hear about some future products launching this year which was very exciting.  The good news is I can share deets with you all – Are you ready?


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Make Up Revolution have teamed up with British Beauty Blogger to create  “The Fortune Favours The Bold” Palette presented in a gorgeous brushed gold tin.  We weren’t given an official launch date but it will be later on this month.

The week commencing  March 21st will see the launch of the newest addition to the I ♡ Chocolate range “Chocolate Vice” luxurious golds and rich reds and pinks galore perfect to help get you ready for summer.

We also got to see a new hair care range which were so cleverly packaged as milk cartons and smoothie drinks which looked fab. The main focus was taming and smoothing hair which I’m looking forward to trying out as a sister blessed with curly hair, no one wants to see my “woke up like this” look.

There was also a hair colour range which looked great and will appeal to many with baby pinks, blues and turquoise still going strong.  The hair range will be launching in June 2016 so just in time for festival season.

Superdrug also had  products from their B. range out on display, which included Micellar water and a micellar oil which I’ve not yet tried.  They also had body butters and scrubs which all looked really nice.  But what really caught our eye were these emojji lip balms, the cuteness of these little pots were just too much!


Which emojji would you go for?

After checking out all the brands and products we had time to ourselves to connect with other bloggers, talk to the brands and grab a drink, I attended the event with fellow blogger Flo of Love From, Florence Grace who is always great company. We discovered the GIF creating station hosted by GIFGIF and well you’ll see the evidence of our handy work…




As the evening started to set in, we were spoilt with cocktails and canapés(which were aptly named after some of the palettes) finally the big screen came down and Adam Minto, founder and CEO of Make Up Revolution took to the stage. Using his charm and wit Adam delivered a heart-warming speech sharing is pride and passion for the company, giving thanks for the support from global partners to Superdrug and of course the blogger/social network.

Adam describes Revolution as disruptive, exciting, most of all affordable. As a natural born rebel, I’m always for creating a little chaos, so the idea these guys creating a little havoc within the world of cosmetics just makes me love them even more.

Make up should not be elitist. Should not be based on your ability or you willingness to pay more!
Adam Minto – CEO Make Up Revolution

Writer and Vlogger Daisie Smith  who works closely with TAM Beauty, then took to the stage to announce the amazing competition #IAMFREEDOM competition which launches in April and set to be the biggest beauty competition of the year!  30 individuals will compete through 3 challenges to earn a place at the live final which will be held in September.  Four runners up will win £1000 whilst the one lucky winner of first place will win £10000 (yep TEN THOUSAND!!) a years supply of Freedom products and a 1 year partnership with the brand.

As Adam was reiterating the details, Superdrug shouted off stage and announced that they would match all the prizes – OMG!!!

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After that fantastic announcement I think everyone was truly ready to party, another surprise for us was a guest DJ who turned out to be none other Scott Mills, we managed to get a snap with him which was pretty cool! The tunes kept on coming, and for those who know me, I love to dance so there was no stopping me hehe



My night came to an end around 1130 and as a final thanks we were given a bag of goodies. Which was filled so much amazing stuff.  Between Make Up Revolution and Superdrug their kindness and generosity was overwhelming, included were products from Make Up Revolution, Freedom and Superdrug.

haul 1


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I saved this one for last as I’d already had it on my lust list and almost picked it up last week.  In our goodie bag also contained the Black Arts Pro Artist Pad by Freedom.


I love how it looks like tablet cover



Take it all in… cute mirror and just look at those shades. 


Close up of the palette shades


So there you have it lovelies, the drink, the music and the make up!  I need to give a few shout outs to Flo and Julia for being the best company! Of course I can’t forget the girl gang I hung out with dancing all night like no ones watching, Kirstie, Orla, Tania, Leah, Hollee (and mum) and of course a massive thank you to Adam Minto and the TAM family for the invitation to help celebrate your success and for your hospitality and for the revolution!  Keep on making noise lovelies….

Happy Birthday Make Up Revolution!





The #nextTake12 Challenge

So  this week, I was lucky enough to attend Next Bloggers Network Event, the 2nd since their launch.  I will be posting about my day out, but what I learnt was that they are an extremely proactive group, and also very involved with their community as I saw at the blogger awards.

Having discovered all of the above, I’ve committed myself to be more involved in the community and take part in the mini challenges – plus it makes fun content which I always love creating.  So whilst on my journey home from the event I decided to see what I could participate in and discovered they had already launched their #nextTake12 challenge, which was a great reminder of how Next completely understand the need for late night shopping and decisions made in the small hours!

After trying to finalise an outfit for the blogger event on Tuesday, I decided at 10pm Sunday evening that I just had to have a new pair of shoes which as it turned out was from the kids section and bonus if I opened my account that day I got £10 off my order – it was a win-win situation!

So there’s proof that Next completely understand the nocturnal shopper like myself (I’ve always said that my best ideas come at night) I ordered late night and picked them up Monday evening!

To celebrate Next’s fabulous ordering process, which in case you hadn’t heard if you order by Midnight, you order will be delivered in store the next day.  They send you an email AND a text to let you know when it’s in store.  If you’re anything like me and worry about what to wear at the 11th hour, then this fantastic service is for you and most definitely rivals many other high street brands!

So with only 12 to choose from the New In line, I decided to go with gift ideas for my family!

Many of you know that I’ve become an aunt for the first time this year so jumped at the chance at picking out a pretty dress for my gorgeous niece and something cool for my little man.

So here goes….


What have been you’re favourite’s from Next?  Are you a night shopper like me?  let me know.
PS can you spot a cheeky 13th Gift idea?? xoxo


Fashion Friday – Winter wonderland Edition

Ever since my sister bought her faux fur coat I’ve been itching to get one.  She’s the queen of animal print and whilst I was given her blessing to get the same one (that and quite frankly I thought I looked badass!!)  I just don’t feel like I really really want to go the animal print route.
Back in the day I had what I felt was the best black wavy fur which I loved and wore to death.  Whilst out doing a little retail therapy the other day, I swear the angels sang and light shone on to Next’s window display and there she was, this beautiful blue wavy fur coat!
Blue is my black and I’m very fussy about the shade of blue.  The beautiful coat is the perfect outerwear for this season.
What’s great about this coat is whilst it would be perfect for the party season, it can finish the look on a cool but casual outfit.
This coat is just right for a day out shopping or nice walk, all wrapped up in the winter sun.
I think it’s safe to say that I’m obsessing about this coat so much that after I post this I’m off to buy it!!
Will you be out shopping tomorrow? Let me know what you get?
Have a fabulous weekend lovelies.

Winter wonderland

Retail Therapy – In Session – New Purchases!

Todays purchases were ordered a while back but am pleased to say they arrived today!
So my first purchase was the Joby GorillaPod Stand.

After meeting fellow blogger (and new idol or mine) Naomi Griffiths of Diamonds n Pearls we got talking about selfies and how to get the perfect pitcure (especially H2T shots)  I for one think I’m terrible at selfies (can’t even manage a decent duckface) and often want to show off my new outfits so how does one go about it when there’s no one about?
Naomi was fab, she shared her secret with me, (ok it’s not so much of a secret now) which was a tripod,  the Joby GorillaPod.  I specifically wanted one for my phone as I don’t own a SLR or fancy camera. She warned me off buying cheaper versions and having defected to an Iphone , I wasn’t about to gamble damaging it.
I can’t wait to try this out, so if you see me trying to coil this little gem round your fence or looking like I’m just going mad, fear not it’ll be me just trying to take a picture!
Joby have a range of tripods for smartphones, cameras and camcorders. Prices range from £20-45 online.
The second delivery was from my beauty favourites,  Clarins.  After a visit to my local counter, I decided to return to my first love beauty brand.  With the weather changing, my skin has also changed and has brought new skincare problems to deal with.
The Clarins lady was so lovely and ever so helpful, she gave me a heap of samples to try out, including Hydraquench Lotion for combination oily skin.  The sample I had seemed good and impressive under my makeup, but whilst looking online I discovered Hydraquench had a gel version of their day cream which is a lighter formula, more suited to combination oily skin. However at £35 it was a lot to spend on something that may or may not work for me.

Clarins has always had a great reputation, and I have many favourites from their various lines. But I had always assumed Hydraquench was for dry skin.
Online the reviews were great and I learnt that this gel had been discontinued before, but many reviews welcomed it’s return.  Howevert Clarins had brought it back for online purchase only. Having returned to the Clarins counter a few days later to see my new friend, she was surprised to hear about my new discovery(she too was a fan) she urged me to purchase before it was gone. So after a few more days of using my samples and loving the condition of my skin – I bit the bullet and made the purchase.  Of course with Clarins they’re always so generous with giving you more samples, I got to choose 3 and decided to go with Iris Toning Lotion, Foaming Cleanser and of course the popular, and truly amazing Beauty Flash Balm.
So there you have it, my purchases for today!  Look out for my new pics and not forgetting my gorgeous skin!
Have you bought anything good this week?  I’d love to hear about it.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer – Tried & Tested

I have to admit when it comes to Primers, I haven’t really been using them that long and it’s only the last few years the mainstream brands have jumped on the bandwagon and provided us with an affordable offering.

Having combination skin, I know it’s important to use it under make up.  Though it’s often mistaken as an alternative to moisturiser, it’s not!  So make sure you keep up moisturising lovelies.  It’s part of your preparation routine before putting on your make up.

My usual choice of brand is Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, which is ok, but having run out I thought I’d give something else a try.  Don’t get me wrong The Revlon was nice, but I wanted something that would have me shouting OMG!!

Looking at online reviews I found Rimmel’s Stay Matte Primer had a lot of  mixed bag of reviews, the positives I read hailing it as “Best budget buy” , the negatives were about the texture and some about it not working for them.  At  £5.99 I thought what the heck, my skin is combination/oily so meets the criteria and pricewise it isn’t too bad.

On Rimmels own site they describe it as  ultra – mattifying with a silky base.  So first impressions,  thick in consistency,scentless and  blends in well leaving a soft, silky, matte feel on skin.  Pores seemed well covered and once make up was on looked great!

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer (Obviously didn’t use that much on face!)


On the Back of the pot it states controls shine for up to 8 hour.  So once Make up was applied (MAC Studio fix plus), I went on about my day as usual.
Coffee meeting in the morning, followed by a small helping of window shopping. Then back home for lunch.

 As soon as I got in I checked myself out and was horrified to see my whole face looked liked I’d face planted a bowl of oil. It was shine central, and not just the T zone which is normally where I am generally  affected.  My cheeks were shining, my make up had been saturated by the oil.
That was just day one.  I gave it a few days,  but by day 3 I noticed my skin was  starting to break out!

So unfortunately for me this wasn’t good for my skin, doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped.  I’d say it lasts about 3-4hrs but then shine starts to come through.   I don’t have excessively oily skin so had thought this was going to be ok sadly it was not meant to be.

They say you pay for what you get and at £5.99 you can’t argue about the price, but as a product I’d say there are far better products in the market.  So my pursuit continues for a good matt primer. I’m currently testing using Too Faced as heard lots of great things about it so will let you know how I get on.

Do you have combination/oily skin?  Have you tried this product, what did you think?

What primer do you use to keep it under control?  Drop me a line and let me know what you think.


Window shopping new seasonal trends! #1

I never realised summer holidays could be such a challenge as a stay at home/work from home mum(yes it’s my first time with a child of school age lol)

Normally my days start with dropping the boy of to nursery then march straight into town for a coffee and a little diary management, followed by a good scour through the high street stores for fashion ideas and inspiration  – Styling ideas which I can use at my trunk shows and show my hostesses and her friends!

Now we are in full swing with the holidays, my weekly re-con has come with gruelling negotiations by my son! The general deal is he does something fun, then I get to have a little look and come home and write it up!  As you can imaging this hasn’t always gone to plan.

So today’s post is going to be a quick look at one of  the key trends that I have seen in the shops and their AW13 previews. I have to admit, it has been hard not to keep shopping for myself!

It is a personal favourite trend and it’s a favourite colour too! Cobalt blue(or royal blue as some would say!)  Now I know it’s not new to the catwalks and it has featured heavily over the last few years.  But I just love how rich and bold it is.  If you’re not too confident in rocking a bright blue top or skirt, maybe look at accessories or perhaps a sassy pair of heels!

Clothing – New Look AW13 preview Jewellery Stella & Dot

I teamed up the outfit with one of my personal favourite pieces from our new Autumn line at Stella & Dot – The Mercury Necklace, a stunning non chain based necklace.  The 2 metal pieces are sewn together by hand creating this fabulous avant garde piece!  The thread is coloured and also has beautiful rose gold metal nuggets to finish this beautiful statement necklace.

Also featured Linda Earrings, Christina link bracelet and Artemis Cuff All available online at my boutique
Shoes – Zara, Top – Dorothy Perkins, Tech wallet in Blue and Union Square Scarf in Midnight Bloom from Stella & Dot
A few more picks I would recommend from Stella & Dot would most definitely be the Tech Wallet and the Union Square scarf in Midnight Bloom.  Bring out your inner rock goddess, put on your faded black or grey jeans, team up with a plain tee and the ever essential biker jacket, the new Tessa Necklace with these few pieces you’re ready to rock and roll!
So you can see, it’s clear this wonderful bold, colour is here to stay and will definitely be a staple in your wardrobe this AW13!
I don’t know about you, but even though I love the sunshine, you just can’t beat getting wrapped up in all the amazing autumnal trends!
Right, I’m off to kit my son in the upcoming seasonal trend for children all across the UK aged 4-16! Yep his school uniform. We are both very excited as he will be going in full time so it’s a pretty important year for us both as I have been a stay at home mum for 5 years now and it’s just been the 2 of us so I’ll be losing my home buddy but on the positive, he’s ready for this chapter in his life as am I.  It does mean I’ll be able to focus more on my business and take my time scouring through the rails at my favourite shops!!   Oh and what do you know his school colours are……BLUE!! 
Until next time lovelies!

Window Shopping!

On Saturday I found myself child free for the day and had the opportunity to do a little retail therapy of my own!
Well I was on a mission to complete my outfit for the forthcoming hen party I’m going to!  Whilst shopping around, I couldn’t help but notice 2 pieces which stood out to me more than anything I had tried on that day!
It’s had nothing to do with the hen party theme but you know me, I can’t help but always get distracted by bright bold colours and gorgeous fashions!


River Island, Red floral print waterfall biker jacket £60
I rarely go into River Island much these days.  I remember way back when,  you’d have to drag me out lol, but I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful displays of midi skirts in all colours and wonderful designs, and then I saw this amazing jacket. The collarless design and waterfall style is really flattering and the biker style with the gorgeous colourful print, allows you to hone in on your inner rock goddess without losing yourself in leather and studs!
I would probably team this up with a cream cami top and black skinny trousers maybe a pair of killer black heels! Perfect for an evening out with friends!


White cupro cami top River Island £10, Sierra necklace Stella & Dot (sale) £104,  Shoes Zara £49.99
Now, whilst whizzing through H & M to pick up a skirt, I was stopped in my tracks by these amazing beauties! Granted I generally don’t look at printed trousers especially as something I would wear for myself, but that’s probably more a case of just not having found the right pair! 
But for these precious pants I’d most definately put back the jeans and step out with pride!


H & M multi print trousers £14.99

I think with pants like these you can’t help but commit yourself to styling and accessorising with a colour explosion! (ok well I would) So here’s a few pieces I  would probably go with :

Bright yellow crop top H&M £2.99, Bright blue pointed slingbacks River Island £50, Kimberly earrings and statement necklace, Arrow gold guilded bracelet, Kismet bracelet all available online from Stella & Dot

Finish the look with this fabulous wool hat, from H&M!

Wool Hat H&M £7.99
Growing up during the 80’s and 90’s led me to the likes of Molly Ringwald and Wynona Ryder and heavily influenced by movies like The breakfast club, Pretty in Pink, Heathers, it’s clear I’m still influenced by this era!
All Stella & Dot jewellery is available online at http://www.stelladot.co.uk/naddyj or for the more social butterflies out there, why not consider hosting a party?  Get your friends round for an evening of fashion & fun and you could earn yourself a boatload of jewellery and accessories! For more information look out for my forthcoming blog about Trunk shows or if you just can’t wait please do get in touch