May Empties

It’s been a while since I did an empties post and it just so happens I had a few lying around so here goes…..

Sanctuary White Lily & Damask Rose Body Wash

I’ve been a huge fan of Sanctuary products for such a long time now, in fact it was my first introduction to the world of Spas and Spa treatment/products.

Thanks to Boots and the amazing 3 for 2 at Christmas I can pretty much guarantee a treat from a loved one, not only do they offer fantastic value gift sets but quality is second to none.

If you’ve read my previous posts I absolutely love roses and their scent, so I was excited to try the White Lily and Damask Rose scent – it sounded so sultry however from what I understand it’s a hybrid rose which is often harvested for perfumery and it’s petals are edible! Mixed together with the White Lily and you have a delicately fragranced scent that can only be described as elegance!

The body wash also has beads which burst on contact with your skin.  It’s not a big lathering so if you like to get your soap n suds on, but leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.  For extra softness I used the body lotion from the same range.

For me this is a definite re-purchase, I love the scent, how my skin feels after use and the price.  At £5.50 for 250ml it’s a small price to pay for a little luxury.

Lee Stafford Here Come The Curls Creme Lite Hair Cream

As a girl blessed/cursed with naturally curly hair, I’m forever in search of the perfect product, that tames the frizz and leaves you with curls to die for without the crispness that remind you of your school days (if you’re my age then you know exactly what I mean!)

Enter Lee Stafford and his amazing Creme Light, all hail the pretty pink tube! I’m a big fan of hair creams, especially when it comes to my sorting my curls out.  Apply to damp hair and style as normal or style and go (my preferred method…especially when I’m the school run)  I love that this particular cream is specifically for finer hair, as hair cream can be a little heavy especially if you “accidentally” go overboard with the cream (Guilty as charged!)

As with all Lee Stafford’s products, they look great, smell great and work a treat. I’m left with endless waves that look great, healthy and feel soft to touch.

ATM this is my go-to product when it comes to going “au natural” with the hair.

2016-04-01 12.24.11

JR Naturorganics Organic Mandarin and Chamomile Moisturiser

I’ve not heard of the brand, so I was pleased to see a little sample in my Beauty Blogger Box in April.  Founded in the UK, JR Naturorganics provide natural skincare products which are  SLS/SLES, paraben, phthalates, and silicone free not to mention they’ve taken into consideration vegans, and those with dairy, gluten, and peanut allergies.  So if you tick any of these listed, this is definitely a company you need to check out.

I’m a fan of naturally fragrant products and the sweet scent of Mandarin comes through well.  Packed with loads of goodness including avocado, jojoba and lavender, they have carefully curated the perfect ingredients to create a lovely hydrating moisturiser.

The consistency of the cream was quite thick for my liking but absorbed well into my skin, and though the cream has skin balancing ingredients, I found cream made my skin more oily than usual.

I should say that this cream is recommended for normal to sensitive skin which isn’t my skin at all, though having checked out other fellow bloggers posts on this product, the overall feedback is a positive one.

For more information on JR Naturorganics and their products click HERE

Vichy Purete Thermale Perfecting Toner

Ah Vichy, can you do any wrong? Nope not in my eyes.  I just love pretty much ALL their products that I’ve tried, but I’m a massive fan of their cleansing range. So I figured it was time I gave their Purete Thermale range a whirl.

Created for sensitive skin and enriched with their thermal spa water, this range for me feels like a treat for my skin.  It smells and feels wonderful.  The scent is fresh and leaves my skin fully cleansed and smooth without drying it out.

Along with the toner I bought the cleansing gel but I’ve only just started using, so far so good, but I’ll give you more deets soon.

With Vichy they always deliver great quality at affordable prices, so if you’re after a little treat from the high street (or online) I urge you to give them a try,and if you’re looking  for something for your sensitive skin, that’s delicately fragranced and without all the nonsense like parabens etc… then this brand is for you!

Available online and in Boots stores

So what do you think?  Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any recommendations for me to try I’m always looking for new products and new brands to discover.

Lots of love

Miss Naddy





Being a woman comes with so many rituals, skincare, body care, make up, dress up, shower I could go on.  Often intimate care is only whispered.  As a mother (and almost out of my ahem 30’s) I’ve learnt to try not to care and whilst I don’t want to say “trend”  but with the likes of the beautiful Stina Sanders who kept it real! it has become quite popular to talk about what would have been taboo topics, but hey we’re not living in the dark ages, and in the era of sharing our lives intimate care etc, is not off the table for discussion.

This brings me on to introducing SASS, the new intimate skincare brand and girls they have you covered, from beauty, health and sports, they have cleverly designed products to support you and enhance your body care routine.

I received a full size bottle of of their Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate in my Blogger Beauty Box, the packaging was pretty sexy and cool, even before I knew what it was I thought it looked pretty snazzy!


SASS Packaging

In a nutshell the concentrate helps with preventing  ingrown hairs, reduces hair growth and as a post shave balm.

No matter your preferred choice of tool, ingrown hairs are a problem for us all.  Yes exfoliation is the key, but every now and then we’ll get a few of those buggers! I’m an epilate and shave kinda gal. Having prepped for a few nights out I saw them as opportunities to give SASS’s concentrate a whirl.  Substance looks very much like an opaque serum, delicately scented and absorbs really well into your skin, leaving you well moisturised for the day!

The cover is a sleeve which reveals a cute white box which has their brand embossed on the front

Absolutely love the detail and care they have put into the packaging

So the burning question – does it work?  Surprisingly YES!

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and only yesterday realised how little re growth I’d had over the last 3 weeks.  So yes it definitely does work.  I also hadn’t noticed any ingrowns either.

For the record my body care routine would normally be post shave moisturise, exfoliate weekly with a scrub and I brush my skin, BUT I can’t lie, I do lapse as I tend to forget.

The great thing about this product is that it can be used in intimate areas too and I love that it doubles up as an alternative for my regular moisturiser.

So overall I’ve been really impressed with SASS and having checked out their collections I’m keen to try some of their other products.

In terms of intimate care I only really know 1 or 2 brands, which I feel come with a stigma and seem rather dated in packaging, but SASS is simple, chic and of course sassy! You wouldn’t feel embarrassed (and shouldn’t feel embarrassed either) with an SASS item in your basket.  The packaging is pretty and products come small enough to keep in your bag.

They’re products are available in Boots and other online retailers and they’re products are priced between £7-£14.  The concentrate I tried retails at £12.00 for 100ml bottle.

Have you heard of SASS or used any of their other products? What’s you’re routine and will you be giving SASS a try?


March Favourites

So with all the many purchases I’ve made last month I wanted to share a few of my favourite discoveries with you all.

The Bodyshop British Rose Body Butter

I was given a sample of this gorgeous body butter in my You Beauty box last month.which I was quite excited about as Rose is one of my favourite scents so receiving a generous 50ml pot I couldn’t wait to lather up.

BS Rose

For me there’s just nothing quite like the smell of a rose, it’s delicate and sweet smelling but a subtle sweetness. I always think elegance when I think of the scent of a rose.

The Bodyshop launched a whole range and the body butter is the first to have glow enhancing rose essence. It’s pearlescent in colour  and light in texture. Recommended for normal to dry skin and absorbs well.  I’m a sucker for anything from The Bodyshop and thoroughly enjoyed using this product and can’t wait to try more from the range. The Body Butter is from £6 and available in 50ml and 200ml tubs.

Meruyama Melting Cleansing Balm

So I reviewed this amazing hot cloth cleansing balm last month and would have to say it’s definitely one of my favourites and will be a staple for me.  It smells great, works really well by literally dissolving your make up (including removal of mascara) and leaves my skin feeling so soft and amazing after. To read more of my original review click HERE


Fortune Favours the Brave Palette 

As many of you know I was lucky enough to attend Make Up Revolution’s 2nd birthday party (read all about it HERE) and I was privy to a few new products which were due for launch later in the year one of which was the coveted Fortune Favours The Brave with BritishBeauty Blogger.

One of the reasons I love the brand is the amount of brand new products they launch and the frequency.  Just before you can say “you know what I need?” you get the email saying – “just launched”  Much to all our surprise this palette was launched much sooner than any of us expected and anyone who attended the party knew this was an opportunity to be missed, and so I immediately ordered.  Like all my Make Up Revolution products it did not disappoint!


30 gorgeous colours to suit all skin tones and versatile enough to take you from day to night.  The colours are rich and really pigmented with mattes and shimmers encased in a metal pallete casing.  This is a collaborative piece with Jane of BritishBeauty Blogger. This has been the most talked about eyeshadow palette over the last month and you can see why. Priced at £9.99 available online and at your nearest Superdrug

Emma Hardie Protect & Prime SPF30

I received a sample of this gem of a product and I’ve been converted!  This lightweight multi use cream is a must for anyone.  It’s non greasy (yay!) and also packed with a broad spectrum sun protector SPF30, giving you 8-10 hours of protection from UVA & UVB rays.


Despite my natural skin tone, us sisters too need to protect our skin and I think I’ve found my summer holiday skincare essential.  I love how light and non greasy it is and on application it absorbs well into the skin. It’s delicately scented and just feels amazing on your skin. It can be used alone in place of a regular moisturiser or on top for added protection.  It can also be used as a make up primer .  I did try it on top of my day cream but found it was a bit too rich together for my skin(combo/oily).

This little pot of goodness comes in at £45 for 50ml I received a 5ml sample, and I am still using it – a little really goes a long way with this cream.  I highly recommend this product and would suggest you make it a staple for the summer.

So there you have it, my favourites from last month.  Have you tries any of these products? Tell me what have been your favourites last month?

Until next time lovelies!

Miss Naddy


*samples I received were purchased as part of my personal subscriptions to You Beauty Box and Glossybox

Hot Cloth Cleaners

The popular method of cleansing your skin these days has to be the hot cloth method. A cream, gel or balm is massaged into the skin dissolving make up then you remove the dirt using hot water and muslin/cloths, wiping away in circular motion to help exfoliate the skin.

I’ve been a massive fan and advocate of these type of cleansers for well over 2 years  now and couldn’t live without it especially after a long day… I can’t wait to get my make up off!

The idea of a product literally melting your make up away is just bliss and to be able to simply wipe it away without using facial wipes or dare I say – baby wipes (we’ve all done it!)

I first tried Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel when a friend gifted me instantly I fell in love – infused with marula oil, it literally melting my make up away, leaving your skin feeling so soft, well cleansed and smelling amazing, however I always found it struggled with my mascara, so eye make up remover was a must.

Years later I moved on to Liz Earle Skincare and was introduced to the idea  of hot cloth cleansing with a cream based cleanser and the rest is history I guess.

I noticed I had a little collection building thanks to the likes of You Beauty, Glossybox and my regular shopping outings, so I thought it would be nice to give you the low down on what I’ve tried and what are my likes and loves….


Hot Cloth Cleansers

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm 90ml – £18

I’d heard of Pixi and have tried the Glow Tonic, but up til the end of last year I really didn’t know that much about them.  I’m a big fan of Em Ford’s Blog, as a fellow sufferer of acne I’m always keen to hear about products she’s tried.  On her You Tube channel she had a fantastic video on her evening routine of make up removal.  After seeing this balm I figured it’d be worth giving this balm a go.  I picked mine up at my local M&S, which was super handy as I’m not very patient when it comes to our postal services haha

It’s a good size tub and smells amazing (That’ll be the almond oil and cocoa butter) It’s a balm to oil formula and really only need a small amount per cleanse so you will get your moneys worth out of it.

It’s smooth and creamy on application, I found that it had small balls within the balm which were a little more difficult to massage in (they kept falling off my skin and sticking to the sides of the sink).

As its oil based, after massaging into your dry skin you’re left with a thick oily residue on your hands which of course won’t wash away without soap or wiped off with a cloth.  So does it work – YES! You are left with soft, smooth and hydrated skin.  I tend not to use anything else after cleansing with balm. The only downside for me would be that I found the balm quite sticky and as I said the oily hands weren’t so great for me.

I would most definitely recommend this product for someone with dry skin and in terms of price, I did find it a little pricier than others, saying that you will only need a small amount so it will last you a lot longer.

Soap & Glory The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml – £10

Now you all know I’m a sucker for Soap & Glory so when Boots had a 3 for 2 I figured what better way to take advantage and try some new products.

Ultimelt is the cheapest of the cleansers that I’m reviewing and the great of this brand you already know what you’re getting with them.  I love everything about them, the packaging, the scents, the quirkiness well you get where I’m going.  Cutely packaged like a toothpaste tube you get a lot for your money.  A simple white cream with the most beautiful sweet scent  with notes of citrus and lavender. Cuts through make up really well, it just simply melts away, leaving your face well cleansed.  It also helps with rebalancing and brightening your skin.

A great value for money product from a trusted brand, though this cleanser is not suitable for those sensitive to essential oils.

Merumaya Skincare Melting Cleansing Balm 100ml – £16.99

I received a sample of this  with one of my beauty boxes, I’ve  not heard of Merumaya but they have quite an extensive collection of products, Founder Maleka Dattu created “Integrative Effective Skincare”  which helps you age youthfully, by preventing signs of skin ageing.

So this is probably one of my favourites Let’s start with the smell -Just beautiful (Sweet Almond Oil and Echium Seed Oil (RevitElix™), Mangosteen extract and the MERUMAYA Signature Essence Blend. In terms of consistency – To look at it you would imagine it to be very thick and almost gloopy but it’s just right, and goes onto the skin evenly and with ease.  Once you add water to your face, it melts into a milk which makes it easy to remove with a cloth.

As a balm this is most definitely my favourite and the price is great too!  I will be purchasing this balm and exploring  Merumaya’s other products more in the future!

Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 Cream Cleanser 100ml – £11.50

We all know the amazing properties of Honey and Propolis are for you inside and out, so when I received a travel size pot of of this little gem (30ml at £4.95) in my January You Beauty Box,  I couldn’t wait to try.

It’s light but effective and took off my make up really well.  It smells like a summer’s day, the propolis and wild honey have a subtle sweetness but there’s also a fresh smell to it which is oh so lovely. Packed with mother natures natural vitamins and nutrients I’d say this is a brand I’d definitely love to try other products from and I’ll most definitely be purchasing this cleanser again.

So what’s favourite way to take your cleanser?  Do you like foams, gels, balms or the ever convenient micellar water or wipes? Any products you’d recommend? Let me know.

Miss Naddy






A Feast For The Senses

So this week, I’ve tried, tasted, smelt and heard new things, which I thought I’d share with you all :

Touch – Flora No 1 Fine Radiance Oil by Mitchell and Peach

My night-time skincare staple has to be a good face oil.  I have combination oily skin and the best way to keep the shine under control is to combat it with oil.  I’ve always opted for an oil as opposed to a night cream as well, it just feels nicer on my skin, when I wake up I don’t feel so greasy and well they smell amazing.

I’ve tried a few oils now and still only have 2 stand out products (which I’ll pop up on a new post very soon) but I’m pleased to say I’ve found a 3rd and it’s a must have lovelies.

Mitchell & Peach Fine Radiance Oil  is a wonderful little bottle of magic.  A super lightweight oil which absorbs into your skin almost immediately, leaving you with soft supple skin when you wake up! Delicately scented which leaves you calm and relaxed ready for a perfect nights sleep.

I received a sample in my You Beauty box some months back, but never got round to using it until now and it was worth the wait.  The Mitchell’s have been farming land for 5 generations, today keeping with their roots they have created a wonderful brand of  gorgeous body and bath products.

Mitchell and Peach

Taste – Ham, Egg and Cheese Pastries

I decided it was time to ditch the mundane breakfast and try a few new things out in the kitchen – Enter Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach, if you haven’t heard of him and his #Leanin15 and #guilty catchphrases then where have you been?

As you know I loves me a bit of Instagram and Joe has pretty much built a cult following through the use of insta, so I decided to give one of his quickie breakfasts a whirl.

So here’s The Body Coach….

Et voila here’s my first attempt…

I served mine up on a bed of spinach and WOW, this was so delicious.  I was concerned with the use of feta and parmesan but once cooked, the taste was so subtle.  I went with Serrano ham but you could go with whatever you like really.  So that was me getting my cook on!  Have you tried any of Joe’s recipes before ? I know the Avocado and eggs has proven to be a popular favourite.

Smell – Floral Bloom by Next

Whilst out on my many visits to Next to check out new seasonal arrivals I was kindly given a sample of Floral Bloom a light scent perfect for sunny spring days.  As you know I’m a sucker for a good scent and high street brands are (excuse the pun) not to be sniffed at!  Next is a perfect example of how to get it right without smelling like a teenager from the 90’s.

So Floral Bloom is described as Fresh & Floral, which I can agree I find the Waterlily and Narcissus definitely come through the strongest on my whilst the neroli and papaya flower give it the light delicate fragrance.  If you’re passing Next anytime soon, I highly recommend checking out their fragrance section.

Next Floral Bloom

Sight – Tarte Cosmetics

It’s not like I don’t have enough palettes in my life but I’m seriously obsessing over Tarte Cosmetics, Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette.  The shadows are so rich and pigmented every time I go to the site of browse their insta page I’m immediately drawn in, especially with shades like  “Fashionista” and “Bombshell”

Sound – Anne-Marie – Do It Right

No words…just watch and listen xoxo

Well that’s your lot for today!  What did you think?  Anything new you’ve tried this week?  Let me know I’d love to hear any recommendations.

Until next time lovelies.


Cowshed – Skincare Review

Many of you know I’m forever in search of the ideal skincare for my skin type.  I’ve tried a lot of products but none seem to live up to their claims.

I’m no stranger to Cowshed having featured their night serum (which I swear by!) in my February Favourites.  My regular skincare routine was mainly made up of a popular premium brand, but one of their moisturisers was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain so I decided to look elsewhere.  Then I remembered I was given a complimentary skincare starter kit with one of my purchases.

Skin starter kits are becoming standard with all great skincare brands.  It can get quite costly trying products that may or may not be right for your skin.  If you’re like me you will be able to relate.  I have combination/oily skin, and after pregnancy I began to develop rosacea and have regular outbreaks of acne.  So as the years have gone by I have become pretty fussy about what I use.

So back to the starter kit from Cowshed.  It’s the perfect way to trial a brand and follow a routine.  The kit comes with a 30ml botte of cleanser and toner, lip balm and 20ml moisturiser also included is a Muslin for your wash, it retails at £20 and is available online.

After my first use of the kit I was in love.  I started with the cleanser, which is light and lotion based in texture but delicately fragranced with Lavender and a blend of other essential oils.  It removed a full face of make up (including eyes) with ease.  I followed this with the Chamomile toner this helped remove any residual make up or dirt (which was hardly any) left on the skin. As well as Chamomile it also contains Lavender, but is gentle and soothes the skin.  The one drawback to the toner is that it comes in a spray form, which I can’t help feel is unnecessary, I think I go through more of the product in a spray. I much prefer a pump based toner, but that’s just me.

The moisturiser, was what won me over.  It’s a Quinoa Hydrating daily moisturiser, which smells amazing and feels very rich.  Other reviews mentioned it was too greasy for their skin.  Enriched with Geranium and Chamomile, it is recommended for Normal – Combination skin which I found just right for me.  When you put it on it does feel somewhat heavier than other moisturisers for combination skin (majority I have ever used always came in a gel form for combo skin), but it absorbs into the skin very quickly leaving you with soft, plump skin and ready for your daily make up routine.

After reading comments about it being heavy and greasy I was concerned that my skin would be oily in a matter of hours, but surprisingly I lasted the day even with no primer.  My make up lasted and looked fresh all day.  What’s great is you really only need a small (and I mean small) amount for your face so the moisturiser is guaranteed to last.

After a week of using my starter kit, I decided to take the plunge and buy myself the full size of all 3, as with all good brands the first purchase feels steep, but it was well worth the investment.  I’m now halfway through it all and at present probably will only need to re order the toner.

What I love most about Cowshed is it’s a British brand born with their first spa in a cowshed (literally) at Babington House.  They have a holistic approach which also appeals to me and is free from :

  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  •  Sulphates
  • Animal Ingredients
  • Artificial Fragrancing
  • Colours
  • Animal Testing

The products are all natural which in my book is a winner!  Having used the products for over a month now, I’ve had fewer outbreaks and my skin looks healthy.  I’ve also been given Cowshed goodies as gifts from friends (I clearly banged on about how much I loved the brand) so I have had the opportunity to try other skincare products in the range and am truly a fan.  It’s safe to say I won’t be switch brands in a hurry.

As well as Cowshed they have 2 other brands within the company CHEEKY a beauty brand hailing from East London, which I’ve yet to try (on my wishlist to try) and NEVILLE an old school barber inspired mens grooming brand.

The skincare starter kit is £20 and is perfect for travel, and comes in a cute travel case.  The full size products come in generous sizes with the cleanser £19 and toner £17 coming in a 250ml bottle. The Quinoa moisturiser comes in a 50ml glass pot and is priced at £32 which is excellent value in my opinion for the amount you need to use,  it really will go a long way.  All Cowshed products can be purchased online, in store and selected stockists.   Look out for their fabulous online offers too!  For more information on Cowshed and their Spas visit

IMG_3555 [269187]

Collagen Colway’s Pure Gold Mask

Nothing screams luxury than the sound of a pure gold face mask right?
OK if you can get past randomly bursting into song every time you talk about the mask like me! (Sorry, but Spandau Ballet were big in my day so there’s no escaping it!)
I was lucky enough to get my hands on this gorgeous product through Co Founder of Collagen ColwayMaria Luba-Muczko who kindly gifted me the masks to try out.
I’m quite familiar with Collagen Colway products and have used mainly their Collagen Gel, which is a great product, whilst as a baby faced 37 year old the results aren’t obvious to the eye, the product itself is quality and leaves my skin feeling great!
So Maria kindly suggested I go for the Gold Masks.  Well I was very excited to try and rightly so. These beauties are fantastic.
The site states after 1-2 uses,  instant moisturisation is noticable, after 3-4 uses a gradual reduction of fine lines, reduction of pore size and after 5-7 uses a visible reduction of fine lines with long lasting repair.
So what’s in them? The key ingredients are :
  • Colloidal Gold,
  • Naitive Collagen,
  • Elastin
  • Sodium PCA
  • Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin B and E
The masks come in gorgeous black and gold packaging.  Individually wrapped and on first sight these little gems certainly had me curious.
Looking at them, you could see that they were going to see they were wet, for some reason, I thought they were going to be oily to touch, collagen – fish oil…I just couldn’t separate the two!
Once I unwrapped my mask, it was  scentless but very wet and slippery(like a fish lol).  It’s an all over mask hence the smiley face below!
Applying the mask was interesting and fun!  It was a slippery sucker and very cold on inital application.  You simply place the mask over your  cleansed face and leave for at least 15 minutes.  It does state some people may feel a warming sensation but I was fine.
I won’t show you what I looked like wearing the mask as well it’s just too scary for anyone to see. Plus trying to do a selfie with the mask on proved quite difficult. Once place on face, I kicked back and relaxed.
So why use a gold mask?  What’s the big fuss?  For many years now we’ve seen the power within the elements of gold and using it as part of your skincare regime.   Cleopatra was a big fan!
Colway explain that the gold slows down breakdown of  collagen and elastin in our skin, so by using the masks, you can help improve firmness and the appearance of fine lines.
After 15 mins have passed, you simply rinse off with water and discard the mask.
I’ve used 1 pack and can say that after the first use my skin was fully hydrated, I have combination oily skin with few fine lines.  I can defineatly feel the difference in my skin and would highly recommend using over the winter months as we know how mean the weather can be to our skin.
The gold masks would also make a great Christmas gift.  We always love receiving pampering treats, this would make a great mini luxe gift for someone special.
Collagen Colway also have a special offer as part of their 14 day Gold Mask challenge order 2 packs (6 masks) for £69 normally £90, so it’s worth taking advantage of this great offer.
For more information on Collagen Colway and their products visit  their site here.