Coloristiq – New Nail Colour Service That You Need in Your Life!

If I asked you to pull out all your nail paints and count how many you own what would the answer be?

I have 30 and have just added 8 more over the Christmas thanks to some lovely gifts I received and before you say it, yes I know –  I need to go through a sort as many of them are very old and no longer good for use.

Now if I asked you how many do you use regularly?  How many have you not used in months? Would you tell me you don’t use them as much because you go to the salon more nowadays.   For me this is often the case.

My last question how often do you think about how much you spend on nail paints?  Do you find yourself trying to justify spending £11-15 a pot? I know sometimes I find my inner voice telling me to step away from the cosmetic aisle and put the paint down.

Now what if I said to you – pick 3 premium brand polishes, keep them for the month, and simply pay the price for 1 nail polish. Sounds good right?

Coloristiq is the answer to every girls nail polish dream.  They have a unique and fantastic beauty service by loaning you premium brand nail polishes from the likes of ESSIE, OPI and China Glaze.

The service is much like your beauty box services in the market by way of a subscription. You pay a monthly fee , choose your colour from a wide selection of salon quality brands wait for them to arrive.

My first box arrived just before Christmas day which was perfect timing!

Securely packed, I was excited to check out my new colours.  I received 3 China Glaze nail paints in Snow, Tip Your Hat and Midtown Magic.  Included with the nail paints was a pot of stones which was a nice addition, I don’t normally add embellishments to my nails (other than my signature shimmer finger) but I may just be tempted to give it a whirl.

Also included was a welcome card to explain the loan process to the user.  The first point mentions the fair use policy, which allows you to use each bottle or up to 3 applications.  Returning after use is very simple as you are provided with the prepaid return label which you attach to the front of the original box they came in.

I had an event that week and my outfit needed a nice red so I decided to give “Tip Your Hat” for my night out!


The pots were as new, no gloop, no sign of overuse either.  I totally forgot how amazing China Glaze was as a brand, went on well  and there wasn’t even a need for a 2nd coat.  The colour was deep and intense and had such a beautiful shine which oozed quality.

Colorstiq is only available in the UK and costs £14.49 per month which in comparison to buying 3 of these beauties is a great price.  I think Coloristiq offers a fantastic service, great value and work with some fabulous salon known and quality brands.

I can safely say I will be using them again soon and would recommend them to anyone nail polish obsessed like me.