Happy 2nd Birthday Make Up Revolution!

For me Thursday is the new Friday and this week was no exception. On 10th March  I attended Make Up Revolutions 2nd birthday party, and it was AMAZING!

I’ve been a massive fan of the brand since the beginning and with new products launching almost weekly what’s not to love? They’re have great products starting from £1 (yes I said £1) and they’re giving premium brands a run for their money with their gorgeous palettes, packaging, variety in products and with a cult following and heaps of involvement within the blogging community, it’s difficult to ignore the  successes of such a wonderful brand.

London was the city and Cafe de Paris was our backdrop for the party. We were given the VIP treatment from the outset, photographers, videographers, welcome drinks, we knew we were in for a good time.


The famous Cafe de Paris sign

We kicked off with an afternoon tea themed drop in session, it was a great opportunity to meet the the make up revolution family and all the brands (Freedom, colourless, I ♡ Make Up)

The tables were filled with all our favourite products across the brands, it was also good to see a few products which I’ve had my eye on and obviously they didn’t disappoint, so of course I’ll be shopping this weekend!

MKRVLT Rose gold

The coveted Rose Gold Lipsticks. We’re all waiting for Chauffeur to be back in stock.

I heart makeup chocolates

Death by Chocolate or Make Up Heaven, either way these chocolate palettes are to die for!


Freedom Make Up London-That Pro Artist Pad tho….

So whilst drooling at all the make up we also got to hear about some future products launching this year which was very exciting.  The good news is I can share deets with you all – Are you ready?


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Make Up Revolution have teamed up with British Beauty Blogger to create  “The Fortune Favours The Bold” Palette presented in a gorgeous brushed gold tin.  We weren’t given an official launch date but it will be later on this month.

The week commencing  March 21st will see the launch of the newest addition to the I ♡ Chocolate range “Chocolate Vice” luxurious golds and rich reds and pinks galore perfect to help get you ready for summer.

We also got to see a new hair care range which were so cleverly packaged as milk cartons and smoothie drinks which looked fab. The main focus was taming and smoothing hair which I’m looking forward to trying out as a sister blessed with curly hair, no one wants to see my “woke up like this” look.

There was also a hair colour range which looked great and will appeal to many with baby pinks, blues and turquoise still going strong.  The hair range will be launching in June 2016 so just in time for festival season.

Superdrug also had  products from their B. range out on display, which included Micellar water and a micellar oil which I’ve not yet tried.  They also had body butters and scrubs which all looked really nice.  But what really caught our eye were these emojji lip balms, the cuteness of these little pots were just too much!


Which emojji would you go for?

After checking out all the brands and products we had time to ourselves to connect with other bloggers, talk to the brands and grab a drink, I attended the event with fellow blogger Flo of Love From, Florence Grace who is always great company. We discovered the GIF creating station hosted by GIFGIF and well you’ll see the evidence of our handy work…




As the evening started to set in, we were spoilt with cocktails and canapés(which were aptly named after some of the palettes) finally the big screen came down and Adam Minto, founder and CEO of Make Up Revolution took to the stage. Using his charm and wit Adam delivered a heart-warming speech sharing is pride and passion for the company, giving thanks for the support from global partners to Superdrug and of course the blogger/social network.

Adam describes Revolution as disruptive, exciting, most of all affordable. As a natural born rebel, I’m always for creating a little chaos, so the idea these guys creating a little havoc within the world of cosmetics just makes me love them even more.

Make up should not be elitist. Should not be based on your ability or you willingness to pay more!
Adam Minto – CEO Make Up Revolution

Writer and Vlogger Daisie Smith  who works closely with TAM Beauty, then took to the stage to announce the amazing competition #IAMFREEDOM competition which launches in April and set to be the biggest beauty competition of the year!  30 individuals will compete through 3 challenges to earn a place at the live final which will be held in September.  Four runners up will win £1000 whilst the one lucky winner of first place will win £10000 (yep TEN THOUSAND!!) a years supply of Freedom products and a 1 year partnership with the brand.

As Adam was reiterating the details, Superdrug shouted off stage and announced that they would match all the prizes – OMG!!!

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After that fantastic announcement I think everyone was truly ready to party, another surprise for us was a guest DJ who turned out to be none other Scott Mills, we managed to get a snap with him which was pretty cool! The tunes kept on coming, and for those who know me, I love to dance so there was no stopping me hehe



My night came to an end around 1130 and as a final thanks we were given a bag of goodies. Which was filled so much amazing stuff.  Between Make Up Revolution and Superdrug their kindness and generosity was overwhelming, included were products from Make Up Revolution, Freedom and Superdrug.

haul 1


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I saved this one for last as I’d already had it on my lust list and almost picked it up last week.  In our goodie bag also contained the Black Arts Pro Artist Pad by Freedom.


I love how it looks like tablet cover



Take it all in… cute mirror and just look at those shades. 


Close up of the palette shades


So there you have it lovelies, the drink, the music and the make up!  I need to give a few shout outs to Flo and Julia for being the best company! Of course I can’t forget the girl gang I hung out with dancing all night like no ones watching, Kirstie, Orla, Tania, Leah, Hollee (and mum) and of course a massive thank you to Adam Minto and the TAM family for the invitation to help celebrate your success and for your hospitality and for the revolution!  Keep on making noise lovelies….

Happy Birthday Make Up Revolution!





A Feast For The Senses

So this week, I’ve tried, tasted, smelt and heard new things, which I thought I’d share with you all :

Touch – Flora No 1 Fine Radiance Oil by Mitchell and Peach

My night-time skincare staple has to be a good face oil.  I have combination oily skin and the best way to keep the shine under control is to combat it with oil.  I’ve always opted for an oil as opposed to a night cream as well, it just feels nicer on my skin, when I wake up I don’t feel so greasy and well they smell amazing.

I’ve tried a few oils now and still only have 2 stand out products (which I’ll pop up on a new post very soon) but I’m pleased to say I’ve found a 3rd and it’s a must have lovelies.

Mitchell & Peach Fine Radiance Oil  is a wonderful little bottle of magic.  A super lightweight oil which absorbs into your skin almost immediately, leaving you with soft supple skin when you wake up! Delicately scented which leaves you calm and relaxed ready for a perfect nights sleep.

I received a sample in my You Beauty box some months back, but never got round to using it until now and it was worth the wait.  The Mitchell’s have been farming land for 5 generations, today keeping with their roots they have created a wonderful brand of  gorgeous body and bath products.

Mitchell and Peach

Taste – Ham, Egg and Cheese Pastries

I decided it was time to ditch the mundane breakfast and try a few new things out in the kitchen – Enter Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach, if you haven’t heard of him and his #Leanin15 and #guilty catchphrases then where have you been?

As you know I loves me a bit of Instagram and Joe has pretty much built a cult following through the use of insta, so I decided to give one of his quickie breakfasts a whirl.

So here’s The Body Coach….

Et voila here’s my first attempt…

I served mine up on a bed of spinach and WOW, this was so delicious.  I was concerned with the use of feta and parmesan but once cooked, the taste was so subtle.  I went with Serrano ham but you could go with whatever you like really.  So that was me getting my cook on!  Have you tried any of Joe’s recipes before ? I know the Avocado and eggs has proven to be a popular favourite.

Smell – Floral Bloom by Next

Whilst out on my many visits to Next to check out new seasonal arrivals I was kindly given a sample of Floral Bloom a light scent perfect for sunny spring days.  As you know I’m a sucker for a good scent and high street brands are (excuse the pun) not to be sniffed at!  Next is a perfect example of how to get it right without smelling like a teenager from the 90’s.

So Floral Bloom is described as Fresh & Floral, which I can agree I find the Waterlily and Narcissus definitely come through the strongest on my whilst the neroli and papaya flower give it the light delicate fragrance.  If you’re passing Next anytime soon, I highly recommend checking out their fragrance section.

Next Floral Bloom

Sight – Tarte Cosmetics

It’s not like I don’t have enough palettes in my life but I’m seriously obsessing over Tarte Cosmetics, Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette.  The shadows are so rich and pigmented every time I go to the site of browse their insta page I’m immediately drawn in, especially with shades like  “Fashionista” and “Bombshell”

Sound – Anne-Marie – Do It Right

No words…just watch and listen xoxo

Well that’s your lot for today!  What did you think?  Anything new you’ve tried this week?  Let me know I’d love to hear any recommendations.

Until next time lovelies.


Billion Dollar Brows – Review and GIVEAWAY

Word on the street is eyebrows are recognized as the cornerstone of beauty!

That’s what brand of the moment Billion Dollar Brows says and to be fair they’d be right.  With all the big make up trends that we saw last year, there was definitely a rise in our eyebrow game and let’s face it they are a pretty important feature of our face, can you even imagine not having them? *shudders*

So when I was invited to try out Billion Dollar Brows kits I was more than excited to give them a go.

So who are BDB?

With the concept being born out of their LA apartment back in 2004 Founder and CEO Natalie Plain along with her husband began with online sales.  Now an industry leader their products are available internationally and here in the UK from the likes of boots and in professional salons.

 The Kit

So I was lucky enough to receive 2 kits –

Best Sellers Kit which includes an assortment of their most popular products.
60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit  A quick easy to use kit for when time is of the essence!

Let’s start with the 60 Second kit, this is a great compact and easy to use kit which consists of :

  1. Brow Powder in Taupe
  2. Double ended Brow and angled Brush


This kit was great, minimum effort and easy to use.   The taupe shade is suitable for light and dark brunettes.  The brush is amazing, quality is great soft and works a treat to set the powder.  As I said minimum effort and perfect for your clutch on a night out or in your bag in day!

The second kit I tried out was the Bestsellers kit which consisted of :

  • Universal Brow Pencil:
  • Brow Duo Pencil
  • Brow Gel
  • Smudge Brush


This is definitely for the girls that give good brow game. It’s billion dollar brows in a box!

The brow pencil again created to suit most skin tones, the brush on this however I found quite rough, but I’m putting it down to it’s newness. Again the pencil shade was perfect and went on well as other pencils I’ve tried I have to go at it like a 5 year old with a crayon lol! The brow duo pencil was an interesting addition, you have a highlighter and universal concealer for your on-the-go touch ups.  Very creamy in texture and blended well however I didn’t find it particularly well suited for my skin tone.  The gel was great, light like a serum and set the brows nicely, you didn’t get that crispy crunch that you find with some other brands.

So overall I really like Billion Dollar Brows, the products look great on and feel great putting on and priced at £24 for the 60 Second Kit and £49 for the Bestellers Kit, I think both kits are great investments.


Billion Dollar Brows have a fantastic giveaway!  You could win the Bestsellers Kit(Worth £49), no purchases necessary simply Enter here Hurry competition ends 31 January 2016

For more information on Billion Dollar Brows and they’re products visit their website for details.  Both products are available to purchase online directly, UK residents can visit find more information here








Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Billion Dollar Brows in conjunction with the Brandbacker. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

fLash Eyelash Serum

Just before the summer I was contacted by fLash and invited to try out their eyelash growth serum.  Let’s face it we are all in search of bigger, longer lashes be it, with glue, fibers, mascara, oils or serums, our quest for more is never ending.

I’ve been lucky to have long lashes so my quest has always to have more fuller looking lashes.  But in general I’ve been happy with majority of results I’ve had from most mascaras.  But when fLash contacted me I was intrigued.  I didn’t know too much about eyelash serums so this was an exciting little mission.

So how do serums work?

Serums are normally applied on the upper lid line so it penetrates the follicles and stimulate them into growing the lash hair or new hairs.  Most serums come in a small tube with a wand similar to a liquid eyeliner and you simply line the top of the lid and leave it over night to work it’s magic.  The fLash serum was just that!

 It comes brightly packaged  with a 2ml tube which lasts up to 3 months.   Simply apply daily and wait for the results.

So what did I think?

Application seemed easy enough and without any irritation which was one of my biggest concerns, though fLash does state it is safe for sensitive eyes.  Within the first week can’t say I noticed much difference, but it does say on the box that best results are seen after a few weeks in.  So I patiently waited and kept up my daily application.

After week 3 I began to notice my lashes looked fuller an the tips were reaching just below my brow line.  So I was very excited to see what they were going to look like after the full 3 months.


Week on week view of lashes from Week 2



I was worried about having spider eyes which I’d seen a fair bit of online whilst doing research on the serums, but overall was pretty impressed with this tiny bottle of joy, my lashes looked great, I love the fullness of my lashes.  The only problem with serums and like with all hair growth it isn’t even, I’ve noticed a small part of my eyeline which is much shorter than the rest, hopefully in time, they’ll grow with the rest of my lashes.

fLash is available to buy online at £29 which I think is reasonable and considering the results it’s a fraction of what some of the other brands charge.  If you’re looking to try out a serum I’d would certainly  recommend  giving fLash a try.  It’s easy to use, won’t break the bank and guaranteed great results.

Have you used any eyelash serums before?  What are your experiences or recommendations!



Coloristiq – New Nail Colour Service That You Need in Your Life!

If I asked you to pull out all your nail paints and count how many you own what would the answer be?

I have 30 and have just added 8 more over the Christmas thanks to some lovely gifts I received and before you say it, yes I know –  I need to go through a sort as many of them are very old and no longer good for use.

Now if I asked you how many do you use regularly?  How many have you not used in months? Would you tell me you don’t use them as much because you go to the salon more nowadays.   For me this is often the case.

My last question how often do you think about how much you spend on nail paints?  Do you find yourself trying to justify spending £11-15 a pot? I know sometimes I find my inner voice telling me to step away from the cosmetic aisle and put the paint down.

Now what if I said to you – pick 3 premium brand polishes, keep them for the month, and simply pay the price for 1 nail polish. Sounds good right?

Coloristiq is the answer to every girls nail polish dream.  They have a unique and fantastic beauty service by loaning you premium brand nail polishes from the likes of ESSIE, OPI and China Glaze.

The service is much like your beauty box services in the market by way of a subscription. You pay a monthly fee , choose your colour from a wide selection of salon quality brands wait for them to arrive.

My first box arrived just before Christmas day which was perfect timing!

Securely packed, I was excited to check out my new colours.  I received 3 China Glaze nail paints in Snow, Tip Your Hat and Midtown Magic.  Included with the nail paints was a pot of stones which was a nice addition, I don’t normally add embellishments to my nails (other than my signature shimmer finger) but I may just be tempted to give it a whirl.

Also included was a welcome card to explain the loan process to the user.  The first point mentions the fair use policy, which allows you to use each bottle or up to 3 applications.  Returning after use is very simple as you are provided with the prepaid return label which you attach to the front of the original box they came in.

I had an event that week and my outfit needed a nice red so I decided to give “Tip Your Hat” for my night out!


The pots were as new, no gloop, no sign of overuse either.  I totally forgot how amazing China Glaze was as a brand, went on well  and there wasn’t even a need for a 2nd coat.  The colour was deep and intense and had such a beautiful shine which oozed quality.

Colorstiq is only available in the UK and costs £14.49 per month which in comparison to buying 3 of these beauties is a great price.  I think Coloristiq offers a fantastic service, great value and work with some fabulous salon known and quality brands.

I can safely say I will be using them again soon and would recommend them to anyone nail polish obsessed like me.


Festive Favourite Make Up Freebies

Let’s face it, every Christmas whenever there’s an opportunity to shop on a 3 for 2 offer, you always get 2 gifts sorted and off your list, then the freebie is a treat for yourself right?  I can’t lie I’ve bagged myself a few treats along the way and why not I say?

Another deal I’m a sucker for at this time of year is the freebie mini make up kit you often find around by some beauty brands in store.  This year Bourjois caught my attention with their Timeless Elegance Make Up Kit, this cute box of tricks was yours for free when you spent £15 or more. Luckily for me, not even a week before I’d seen the Rouge Edition lipsticks and had a shade in mind but at the time it was out of stock, so surely this must have been a sign from the powers that be to go forth and shop.  I had a good look at what was available and my final purchases was as follows :

Rouge Edition Lipstick in no 18 – Violin Strasse £7.99, Little Round Pot Blusher in No.48 – Rose Brune £7.99  and  Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in No 13 – Prune £6.99

I’ve been looking for the perfect pink blusher for a while now.  With the winter well and truly settling in, I wanted to wear something less heavy and dramatic on the cheeks, plus my go to blush was looking too bronze for my face.

The lipstick was creamy and light, but rich with colour so was perfect for my needs.  The Eyeshadow was fabulous, tricky to put on without covering yourself in glitter, but gorgeous in colour.  I used dry on Christmas day and needed to apply a few times to get more depth in colour but did look great.  It does say you can use wet to get a more vivid effect so will definitely give that a go soon.

And so with these beauties, I bagged myself the freebie, which I have to say was a most definitely a treat and well worth spending £15.

Included in this little box of surprises were full-sized products to the value of £27.96 these were, Smoky Eyes trio set in No 01 Gris Dandy £7.99,  Volume Glamour Max mascara in No.52 Ultra Black £5.99, So Laque nail polish in No.27 Beige Glamour  £5.99 and Rouge Edition Lipstick in No. 02 Beige Trench £7.99

This was a great set and let’s face it, we all need a smoky eyes kit in our make up bag, the lipstick is a little light for my skin tone, but it won’t go to waste especially with my bumper lip liner collection I bought from Younique.  The nail paint is one I have previously owned and is a great alternative to the mushroom shades that tend to pop out around this time of year so if you’re wanting to give your reds and vampy colours a break I recommend this shade for you.

Whilst it’s easy to get sucked into spending just to get something for free, this was well worth it especially as it included full size products and such lovely quality too. I may have also indulged in a few other offers over the festive season, but that’s a tale for another blog post.

Did you bag yourself any beauty bargains?  What was your favourite beauty purchase for the season?



FASHION FRIDAY – Mad About Metallics

Hooray it’s the weekend!  I can’t lie, I’ve been looking forward to today for a long time now – It’s half term next week so for me it means at least 30 mins extra in bed before B boy wakes me up -it’s better than nothing right?

So with the weekend here it’s time check out another look.  This week I decided to go with a trend as opposed to our weekly outfit.  Let’s talk about metallics for a moment.

It was hot on the catwalk and set to be a big trend for SS15. It’s all about bright shiny metals, and what’s great is you don’t have to take this trend too literally, otherwise we’re all going to look like we wrapped ourselves in tin foil!

There are many great ways to rock this look.  I for one am a big fan of accessorising so for me, this would be a great way to wear this style.  For those not too keen on wearing metallics H2T (head to toe) I strongly recommend this is the route you take.  You know I love my make up and jewellery so why not pick up a fab nail paint or a gorgeous eye shadow or if you’re feeling daring, get a bold bright metallic lippy.

Jewellery can also be used to show off this trend, with rose gold being ever popular, it’s a great way to go metallic.  I’d also look for brushed gold/silver jewellery such as the Sutton Necklace or Arrison Bracelets from Stella & Dot.

So I leave you with a few picks to help inspire you on how to wear this style, if you’re like me you’ll be mad about metallics in no time!

Have a great weekend all!


Mad About Metallics