ChloBo Jewellery

When it comes to my jewellery I’m quite the eclectic, I love to go from statement to sparkle, but I also love strip back on the bling with go with a boho look, my favourite being stacking bracelets –   Enter ChloBo!

A UK based brand with a celebrity following.  I can totally see why Chlobo has fast become a coveted brand. Born out of travelling and inspiration taken  clearly from many cultures, there is so much to choose from online and so many ways to wear.  Be it stacked as an arm party or worn on their own.
I have the gorgeous  Cute Charm bracelet with the Elephant in Rose Gold. It comes beautifully  packaged in a sliding drawer gift box, complete with a little note about the symbolic meaning of your charm.

In many eastern cultures,  Elephants are a symbol of power, strength and peace, my bracelet represents peace and good luck.

Having spent many years working with a boutique costume jewellery brand,  I’m very familiar with the  type of quality to expect and standards were exactly the same. The bracelet itself is made up of small balls which have been threaded onto a very sturdy band, which you just roll on/off to wear.  It’s Rose Gold, which isn’t normally a go to for me personally, however when you mix it up with silvers and gold, it just adds to the fun of wearing.  The bracelet also features the ChloBo signature tag as well as the charm hanging down. This is  fine quality product to go with the brand name.

What I love about the brand is the different collections available.  All of which have a definite theme surrounding symbols and seem a perfect reminder of a beach holiday or of someone special.

Other jewellery is available online in Gold or Silver as well as semi precious stones.  Prices start from £45 and come with a 12 month warranty.  Of course with costume jewellery the care is down to the individual.  So my tips to making your jewellery stay beautiful are :

  • Last on/First off

When you’re getting ready, always make sure it’s the last thing you put on, let your perfume dry before putting on any jewellery, the oils and other chemicals can cause damage to the overall look and could tarnish.

  • Moisture is not your friend

We’ve all done it, you get the shower going then your remember you’ve still got your jewellery on that you don’t want to wear in the shower.  You take it off and leave it on the side, the steam and moisture will cause your jewellery to tarnish.  PUT IT AWAY

  • Beware Perfumes, Moisturiser and fake tans.

Pretty much anything that needs to go on your skin can and will decrease the longevity of the plating so always refer back to rule 1.

  • Cleaning your jewellery

There’s no need for fancy cleaning kits and chemicals, a good old polish cloth will bring your jewellery back to life.

Overall I think ChloBo is a lovely brand that offers a quality product with lots  of beautifully crafted pieces to choose from. I’ve been wearing my bracelet since it arrived and have had lots of comments on it.

So whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one, your bestie or something extra to add to your arm party – then look no further.

I have my eye on a few other bracelets and rings, which no doubt I will be purchasing in the future.  Do you have a ChloBo bracelet?  What are your favourites?  Do you have any other brands perhaps I should check out?





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