Maya Curling Creme Review

I was given a sample of this styling cream while back when it was included in my Blogger Beauty Box.

As a girl with natural curls I was pretty excited to try out. Packed with lots of natural ingredients like olive oil, Argan oil, Shea and cedar wood bark oil to name a few,  Maya’s confident curling crème claims to combat dryness, ageing, split ends and frizz.

First off it smelt great and light in texture.  Application is directly on to damp hair and style as normal.

Immediate opinion was impressed, my waves looked natural and frizz free. Unfortunately they didn’t last the day.. to be fair it could have been our British weather that caused mayhem with the hair but as they day went on, my hair lost it’s smoothness and waves became a little frizzy.  I also noticed I was left with white flecks of residue in my hair, which wasn’t great, I’ve experienced this with a well known brand hand have just learnt it’s not for me or my hair.

Overall it’s a lovely product, however I wish the sample pot was a bigger so I could have given the cream a few more uses before delivering my verdict, but smells lovely, feels great and is also reasonably priced.

For more information on the brand and to purchase products click HERE


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