Weigh In Week 4

Hey lovelies, so week 4 has already arrived and as expected I had a gain.  It was only 1/2lb but it was a gain nonetheless.

Having been super hormonal at the end of last week, I knew I was due on anytime soon, turned out I was paid a visit from the princess of pain herself today!  Not the best time to get your period but hey what’s a girl to do!

So I kinda knew I was going to have a gain, luckily not anything too devastating so I know I can come back from this over the coming week.

I tried a few new recipes this week, I shan’t post the pic as it admittedly looked pretty pants but tasted good.  As midweek see the cupboards getting light I remembered I had a little Butternut Squash leftover from a previous meal so I decided to make Slimming world version of Butternut Squash Alfredo which I found on Facebook  whilst the original is filled with all things fatty and good, I made mine without butter, cream or anything naughty, just some herbs, stock and seasoning plus spinach for a boost. I was too lazy to blitz and ended up with more of a pulp which was fine for me as I like a bit of bite in my food.  If you’re curious to see what the end result looked like head over to my Instagram account but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So what’s the plan for the week ahead?  I need to sit down tonight and start planning my meals. This week I was a bit lax and pretty much winged it by ensuring I ate loads of greens with every meals and wasn’t that adventurous to be honest.

I found some great lunch ideas on Pinterest which I shared in group today, one of which was a fantastic take on the oh so convenient noodles… in a cup!


DIY Noodle Cups – You’ll be the office lunchtime rock star!                     Click HERE for details.


These noodle cups remind me of Pho – A Vietnamese noodle soup which is very trendy in the “street food” circles and also filled with goodness and deliciousness.

I’m also going to have a stab at prawn curry and Thai fishcakes – I’ll let you know how I get on.

I’ll leave you with 5 tips for those who have had a gain when you’re trying to lose weight:

  1. Go easy on yourself – Look at the week just gone, was there anything you could have done differently?
  2. Plan for success, take 10-15mins to plan a few meals to help increase your chances of a successful week.
  3.  Get creative – have fun with your food, try at least 1 new recipe and mix things up – don’t play safe with meals you already know, I find getting creative inspires me to try more and do more things right in the kitchen.
  4. Don’t forget to treat yourself…DON’T go mad, but whatever your favourite treat is (wine and gin for me!) have something nice.  Your changing your lifestyle for the better not serving a prison sentence!
  5. Don’t give up! If you are part of a group, share your bad days as well as your good, don’t be afraid to reach out whether it’s someone you know or in a forum or group there are many of us on the same journey!

That’s it for today lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s post.  I’m surprisingly optimistic about the week ahead and you know how I love a challenge!

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Have a fabulous week lovelies.

Miss Naddy








2 thoughts on “Weigh In Week 4

    • Thanks Corinne, it’s double hard especially with bank holiday weekend here too. Trying my hardest not to get to lazy haha. Xx


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