Being a woman comes with so many rituals, skincare, body care, make up, dress up, shower I could go on.  Often intimate care is only whispered.  As a mother (and almost out of my ahem 30’s) I’ve learnt to try not to care and whilst I don’t want to say “trend”  but with the likes of the beautiful Stina Sanders who kept it real! it has become quite popular to talk about what would have been taboo topics, but hey we’re not living in the dark ages, and in the era of sharing our lives intimate care etc, is not off the table for discussion.

This brings me on to introducing SASS, the new intimate skincare brand and girls they have you covered, from beauty, health and sports, they have cleverly designed products to support you and enhance your body care routine.

I received a full size bottle of of their Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate in my Blogger Beauty Box, the packaging was pretty sexy and cool, even before I knew what it was I thought it looked pretty snazzy!


SASS Packaging

In a nutshell the concentrate helps with preventing  ingrown hairs, reduces hair growth and as a post shave balm.

No matter your preferred choice of tool, ingrown hairs are a problem for us all.  Yes exfoliation is the key, but every now and then we’ll get a few of those buggers! I’m an epilate and shave kinda gal. Having prepped for a few nights out I saw them as opportunities to give SASS’s concentrate a whirl.  Substance looks very much like an opaque serum, delicately scented and absorbs really well into your skin, leaving you well moisturised for the day!

The cover is a sleeve which reveals a cute white box which has their brand embossed on the front

Absolutely love the detail and care they have put into the packaging

So the burning question – does it work?  Surprisingly YES!

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and only yesterday realised how little re growth I’d had over the last 3 weeks.  So yes it definitely does work.  I also hadn’t noticed any ingrowns either.

For the record my body care routine would normally be post shave moisturise, exfoliate weekly with a scrub and I brush my skin, BUT I can’t lie, I do lapse as I tend to forget.

The great thing about this product is that it can be used in intimate areas too and I love that it doubles up as an alternative for my regular moisturiser.

So overall I’ve been really impressed with SASS and having checked out their collections I’m keen to try some of their other products.

In terms of intimate care I only really know 1 or 2 brands, which I feel come with a stigma and seem rather dated in packaging, but SASS is simple, chic and of course sassy! You wouldn’t feel embarrassed (and shouldn’t feel embarrassed either) with an SASS item in your basket.  The packaging is pretty and products come small enough to keep in your bag.

They’re products are available in Boots and other online retailers and they’re products are priced between £7-£14.  The concentrate I tried retails at £12.00 for 100ml bottle.

Have you heard of SASS or used any of their other products? What’s you’re routine and will you be giving SASS a try?



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