Happy Tunesday

DJ Snake Feat. Bipolar Sunshine – Middle

Remember Turn Down For What with Lil Jon? Yep a guilty pleasure of  mine and a massive hit for French-born William Grigahcine AKA DJ Snake  (to be fair he’s had a string of hits).  His most recent offering features brit born Bipolar Sunshine whose gentle vocals seem so effortless on this track.

When I first heard this song I was yet again smitten by the sound.  The music video will melt your heart too… it features a heartbroken superhero played by none other than the Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson. I won’t say too much, just watch and enjoy.

Alessia Cara – Wild Things

This has been the second time Alessia Cara has made it on my playlists.  I’ve read that she has been likened to singers like Norah Jones, personally I think Alessia is unique and her voice and style of music appeals to so many (plus they make great remixes too!)  Her latest single “Wild Things” had me from the moment I heard the oh so catchy hook.  I think it spoke to my inner child “Find me where the wild things are” lyrics a little nod to my favourite childhood book by Maurice Sendak “Where the Wild Things Are” Though the song is more about the state of mind than the book it was nice to see it referenced.

Her video to this track features her squad AKA her close friends, many of whom have been with her since her school days.  Any enough chat – watch and tell me what you think.

Meghan Trainor – No

Meghan Trainor proves she’s no one trick pony providing us with another fun, sassy track with a simple and easy to learn hook “No” starts of so beautifully with gentle harmonies, then packs a punch straight into the song. It’s less 50’s and more 90’s sounding. It’s a fun, catchy pop song which you does what it says on the tin!

NAO – Fool to Love

NAO, honestly don’t know too much about her apart from she’s a London girl like me and her voice is out of this world.  I first heard her on her Bad Blood track which is sheer brilliance.  She’s back again with another soulful delight!  Whilst singers like Erykah Badu comes to mind, one of the things I love about NAO is her vocal range, this girl can sing!!  Watch out for her….

Drake Feat Wizkid & Kyla  – One Dance

My list wouldn’t be complete with something for drizzy!  This sexy track features Wizkid and Kyla, the latter my UK lovelies will remember her track “Do you mind” which is sampled for this track.

This song will most definitely be a smash in the clubs, I for one cannot wait to bounce to this with a less expensive drink in my hand haha!! I couldn’t find a video so  just listen…

That’s your lot lovelies for this week.  What do you think?  Good/bad?  What’s your favourite out of the 5 I’ve mentioned? Let me know what you’ll be adding to your playlist this week.



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