Weigh In Week 2

Hey lovelies,

So I’ve survived my 2nd week and bar 1 day I was on plan.  I spent Sunday evening planning most of the weeks meals and ordered my weekly shop. The fridge was filled to the brim full of greens, veg and fruit.  Hubby wasn’t so impressed as I failed to add choccie or treats to the list (oops!)

I popped in to my local SW group now my new home group actually dreading to get on the scales as my midweek weigh showed I had a gain.  It was a little discouraging but I decided not to worry about it too much but in the back of my mind I kept thinking did one night off plan really sabotage my week?

I gave a couple of recipes from the magazine a whirl.  I had Lamb and chickpea tagine, which was amazing, Steak and sweet potato fries served with salad, all were tasty and left me feeling full.

So what  was the outcome of today’s weigh in?  1/2lb off.  Making it 4.5lb total loss for 2 weeks. It wasn’t as much as I’d hoped but it’s a loss so I’m taking it as a win.

As I’m a new member you are encourage you to complete a food diary for the first few weeks. Before submitting mine I could see my speed food (mainly veg and some fruit) wasn’t as much as I thought I was having which is key to losing the weight.

So what’s my goal for this week?  I’m aiming to add speed foods to every meal and see what the week brings (hopefully a few more lbs off!)

How’s you’re week been? What recipes have you tried recently? Why not comment with your favourite meal in minutes.

If you’d like to see what’s on my plate or need some food inspo for make sure you follow me of instagram.

Until next time lovelies.






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