Happy Tunesday!

Music has always played a big part of my life not just because it can reflect where my heads at, but it brings me joy a memory and excitement of better days to come.  There’s a few tracks that got me excited for the summer and some that have even surprised, so if you’re looking to add new tracks to your playlist, you might want to have a listen to these.

In case you’re unsure Becky Hill is a well-known voice with dance music circles, having featured with the likes of Rudimental, Wilkinson and Oliver Heldens smash hit “Gecko”, we now get to hear her beautiful voice on the new MK single  “Piece of Me” a sure-fire summer anthem. Enjoy!

The next song, I just can’t get out of my head by Dua Lipa, whom I know nothing about but I’m going look into her music as if this song is anything to go by, I know I’m going to be a fan!

The next song, came as quite a surprise for me because I’ve never been a fan and the last time I said anything about these ladies, I was trolled!  So when I heard this I actually had no idea this was Fifth Harmony, I had to have a moment.  But you can’t deny a good song when you hear it.

The song credited to Joshua Coleman who has written for the likes of Jessie J (Sweet Talker), Jason Derulo (Talk Dirty) and our very own Rixton (Me & My Broken Heart) to name a few.

The song also features Ty Dolla $ign, have a listen and let me know what you think.

My last offering is from personal faves Blonde who I absolutely love.  There’s not a track they’ve released that I don’t like and if you get to hear a set, you’ll understand why I’m such a fan.

“Nothing Like This” features Craig David, who seems to be on a roll at the moment (love the guy but wasn’t big on his last track with big narsty).  I’m glad to see Craig go from strength to strength seeing as he was the voice of a generation when it came to mainstream UK Garage and let’s face it the man can sing! So working with Blonde was going to be a winning partnership!

Here’s a preview :

Well there you have it lovelies.  Like any of these?  What’s you’re favourite tracks at the moment? Let me know!



Miss Naddy




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