What You Listening To?

I realised it’s been a while since I’ve posted about music that I can’t get enough of, then I realised whilst I’ve been loving so many songs lately – I hadn’t even updated my MP3 Player. I can’t lie it is part laziness and the fact that I’ve suddenly found myself listening to the radio a lot I blame X- Factor and my new fascination with Grimmy (who I think is pretty awesome by the way!)

Anyways let’s talk about what’s got my head bopping!

First up is a very cool, chilled track by Alex Crossan also known as Mura Masa and his offering called “Love for that” Featuring Shura.



Next on my playlist was quite the surprise for me!  I can’t deny that I’m always a sucker for an under dog or fallen angel and I think the latter probably describes my next artist to a T.  The last few months (can’t believe I’m about to say this) I’ve been loving Justin Beiber and fear I’m slowly becoming a Bleiber… Yes I know it’s weird but his recent collaborations have been great and I’ve shaken what mama gave me to a few of his tracks that he has featured on, but the one track that totally had me was “Sorry”  every time I hear it, my body feels the urge to move!  Then I saw the music video featuring New Zealand dance crew ReQuest who are fierce!  I love the video for this track mainly because it kinda reminds me of nights out with my girls…. yes I seriously think we look like  these girls when we’re in the club haha!  For those who know me….just know, for those who don’t I’m always filled with Sass and Badass!!



One last track that probably is my stand out track from Jack Garratt, it really needs no explanation  – just listen and enjoy.




What’s got you buzzin lately?  Share your favourite tracks with me….you know I love music in all forms!






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