Cowshed – Skincare Review

Many of you know I’m forever in search of the ideal skincare for my skin type.  I’ve tried a lot of products but none seem to live up to their claims.

I’m no stranger to Cowshed having featured their night serum (which I swear by!) in my February Favourites.  My regular skincare routine was mainly made up of a popular premium brand, but one of their moisturisers was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain so I decided to look elsewhere.  Then I remembered I was given a complimentary skincare starter kit with one of my purchases.

Skin starter kits are becoming standard with all great skincare brands.  It can get quite costly trying products that may or may not be right for your skin.  If you’re like me you will be able to relate.  I have combination/oily skin, and after pregnancy I began to develop rosacea and have regular outbreaks of acne.  So as the years have gone by I have become pretty fussy about what I use.

So back to the starter kit from Cowshed.  It’s the perfect way to trial a brand and follow a routine.  The kit comes with a 30ml botte of cleanser and toner, lip balm and 20ml moisturiser also included is a Muslin for your wash, it retails at £20 and is available online.

After my first use of the kit I was in love.  I started with the cleanser, which is light and lotion based in texture but delicately fragranced with Lavender and a blend of other essential oils.  It removed a full face of make up (including eyes) with ease.  I followed this with the Chamomile toner this helped remove any residual make up or dirt (which was hardly any) left on the skin. As well as Chamomile it also contains Lavender, but is gentle and soothes the skin.  The one drawback to the toner is that it comes in a spray form, which I can’t help feel is unnecessary, I think I go through more of the product in a spray. I much prefer a pump based toner, but that’s just me.

The moisturiser, was what won me over.  It’s a Quinoa Hydrating daily moisturiser, which smells amazing and feels very rich.  Other reviews mentioned it was too greasy for their skin.  Enriched with Geranium and Chamomile, it is recommended for Normal – Combination skin which I found just right for me.  When you put it on it does feel somewhat heavier than other moisturisers for combination skin (majority I have ever used always came in a gel form for combo skin), but it absorbs into the skin very quickly leaving you with soft, plump skin and ready for your daily make up routine.

After reading comments about it being heavy and greasy I was concerned that my skin would be oily in a matter of hours, but surprisingly I lasted the day even with no primer.  My make up lasted and looked fresh all day.  What’s great is you really only need a small (and I mean small) amount for your face so the moisturiser is guaranteed to last.

After a week of using my starter kit, I decided to take the plunge and buy myself the full size of all 3, as with all good brands the first purchase feels steep, but it was well worth the investment.  I’m now halfway through it all and at present probably will only need to re order the toner.

What I love most about Cowshed is it’s a British brand born with their first spa in a cowshed (literally) at Babington House.  They have a holistic approach which also appeals to me and is free from :

  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  •  Sulphates
  • Animal Ingredients
  • Artificial Fragrancing
  • Colours
  • Animal Testing

The products are all natural which in my book is a winner!  Having used the products for over a month now, I’ve had fewer outbreaks and my skin looks healthy.  I’ve also been given Cowshed goodies as gifts from friends (I clearly banged on about how much I loved the brand) so I have had the opportunity to try other skincare products in the range and am truly a fan.  It’s safe to say I won’t be switch brands in a hurry.

As well as Cowshed they have 2 other brands within the company CHEEKY a beauty brand hailing from East London, which I’ve yet to try (on my wishlist to try) and NEVILLE an old school barber inspired mens grooming brand.

The skincare starter kit is £20 and is perfect for travel, and comes in a cute travel case.  The full size products come in generous sizes with the cleanser £19 and toner £17 coming in a 250ml bottle. The Quinoa moisturiser comes in a 50ml glass pot and is priced at £32 which is excellent value in my opinion for the amount you need to use,  it really will go a long way.  All Cowshed products can be purchased online, in store and selected stockists.   Look out for their fabulous online offers too!  For more information on Cowshed and their Spas visit

IMG_3555 [269187]


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