Oz Naturals – Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Oz Naturals kindly invited me to try out their Hylaronic Acid Serum ,  having used the eye serum before and loved it, I was hopeful to have another positive experience with this brand.

I’ve used serums in the past but  have tried to steer clear of them in my daytime skin routine as they normally leave me shiny or greasy under my make up. But this little pot of magic was amazing. I started with adding it to my night routine and in the morning woke up with soft dewy skin. It’s more of a water based serum and absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. It agrees well with my day moisturiser too which was a bonus. What was even better was my make up stayed pretty matte the whole day!!

After almost 2 weeks of use, my skin looks clearer and feels better I’ve even noticed less of a breakout than usual at this time of the month. The packaging states more suited to dry skin/mature skin but I have a young 38 year old skin and am combination/oily and it seemed pretty effective for me.

Oz Naturals are an American based company, which combine science with nature giving you fantastic products at reasonable prices.  The serum is £12.39 and is available from Amazon. Oz Naturals are fast becoming a firm favourite of mine and would highly recommend trying their products.71SYzLExewL._SL1200_


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