Weekend Shopping Style

It’s clear to see Spring has finally arrived.  We’ve had such beautiful weather over the last week too!  Wednesday had me rushing to get the maxi dresses out.  With our good old British weather being as unpredictable as it always is I’m under no illusion that the warm weather is here to stay so we should just appreciate and enjoy every day while it’s here.
I did do a mini shop last weekend, nothing major a few essential tops and jeans to ease myself through the start of the new season.  I imagine many of us will be hitting the shops tomorrow to update our wardrobe. Today’s Fashion Friday is part inspired by my own wardrobe and generally a typical style I love to wear!
So hide your uggs,  and tuck your jumpers away, it’s time to get smart with style add some light layers -you never know if it’s going to be a scorcher or showers!
What will you be shopping for this weekend? What new purchases have you made?  Let me know.  If you’re stuck for idea’s check out Pinterest boards for inspiration or follow me on Instagram to see what’s caught my eye!
Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!
Weekend Shopping Style

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