Always Be Yourself…Unless You Can Be a Mermaid!

Today I feel like sharing my love for mermaids and all things shimmery and mermaid-y!  As a massive Hans Christian Andersen fan and lover of mythology and all things nautical I thought I’d share.

I’ve featured a few of my favourite brands including the oh so cool and fun and fellow North Londoner Dark Jinx.  I should also mention she is my sister and  am very proud to see that she is making waves in the fashion industry with her edgy and unique designs.

D founder of Dark Jinx, perfectly combines her love for urban and more alternative cultures, yet making them versatile and translatable to current trends and mainstream pop culture, make the perfect accessory to help complete your outfit.  I have a dragon which is one of her earlier designs – think Game of Thrones!! I also love my mint curb chain (which let’s face it is a seasonal must-have!) and am waiting on my “The Shade of it all” necklace…well sometimes you have throw a little shade to the day!

I discovered was Bundy & Webster at an event I attended in support of my sister when she was launching her brand and instantly fell in love with their gorgeous, effortless style and designs.  You may have seen over on my Instagram,  shots of me in my favourite animal print sweatshirt and Tee dress, both from the girls at Bundy & Webster.

They have recently launched the Spring collection, which have a seaside feel with  their cute and quirky designs including an ice cream tee and sassy slogans like “Saucy” and “Lick Me”  My personal favourite has to be the sequinned sleeve “Mermaids” sweater.  The sleeves covered in sequins giving you just the right amount of sparkle for the day, giving you a fantastic sports luxe look and feel.

So don’t leave it for that fancy dress party, embrace your inner mermaid and start shimmering!



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