Festive Favourite Make Up Freebies

Let’s face it, every Christmas whenever there’s an opportunity to shop on a 3 for 2 offer, you always get 2 gifts sorted and off your list, then the freebie is a treat for yourself right?  I can’t lie I’ve bagged myself a few treats along the way and why not I say?

Another deal I’m a sucker for at this time of year is the freebie mini make up kit you often find around by some beauty brands in store.  This year Bourjois caught my attention with their Timeless Elegance Make Up Kit, this cute box of tricks was yours for free when you spent £15 or more. Luckily for me, not even a week before I’d seen the Rouge Edition lipsticks and had a shade in mind but at the time it was out of stock, so surely this must have been a sign from the powers that be to go forth and shop.  I had a good look at what was available and my final purchases was as follows :

Rouge Edition Lipstick in no 18 – Violin Strasse £7.99, Little Round Pot Blusher in No.48 – Rose Brune £7.99  and  Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in No 13 – Prune £6.99

I’ve been looking for the perfect pink blusher for a while now.  With the winter well and truly settling in, I wanted to wear something less heavy and dramatic on the cheeks, plus my go to blush was looking too bronze for my face.

The lipstick was creamy and light, but rich with colour so was perfect for my needs.  The Eyeshadow was fabulous, tricky to put on without covering yourself in glitter, but gorgeous in colour.  I used dry on Christmas day and needed to apply a few times to get more depth in colour but did look great.  It does say you can use wet to get a more vivid effect so will definitely give that a go soon.

And so with these beauties, I bagged myself the freebie, which I have to say was a most definitely a treat and well worth spending £15.

Included in this little box of surprises were full-sized products to the value of £27.96 these were, Smoky Eyes trio set in No 01 Gris Dandy £7.99,  Volume Glamour Max mascara in No.52 Ultra Black £5.99, So Laque nail polish in No.27 Beige Glamour  £5.99 and Rouge Edition Lipstick in No. 02 Beige Trench £7.99

This was a great set and let’s face it, we all need a smoky eyes kit in our make up bag, the lipstick is a little light for my skin tone, but it won’t go to waste especially with my bumper lip liner collection I bought from Younique.  The nail paint is one I have previously owned and is a great alternative to the mushroom shades that tend to pop out around this time of year so if you’re wanting to give your reds and vampy colours a break I recommend this shade for you.

Whilst it’s easy to get sucked into spending just to get something for free, this was well worth it especially as it included full size products and such lovely quality too. I may have also indulged in a few other offers over the festive season, but that’s a tale for another blog post.

Did you bag yourself any beauty bargains?  What was your favourite beauty purchase for the season?




2 thoughts on “Festive Favourite Make Up Freebies

  1. I do think if you are buting products you want/need and you qualify for a freebie you get a great deal – ypu just have to be careful not to spend more than you need just to get it! I do think this one seems well worth it though as you get the good full size products! I missed out in this one, especially as Beige Trench is one of my fave lipsticks!


    • I agree, often you find yourself spending more just to get an offer and it easy to be blinded by the offer lol. Luckily I did need to shop otherwise I would have been tempted by the offer just to shop. The things we do for beauty hehe xx

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