Fashion Friday – Winter wonderland Edition

Ever since my sister bought her faux fur coat I’ve been itching to get one.  She’s the queen of animal print and whilst I was given her blessing to get the same one (that and quite frankly I thought I looked badass!!)  I just don’t feel like I really really want to go the animal print route.
Back in the day I had what I felt was the best black wavy fur which I loved and wore to death.  Whilst out doing a little retail therapy the other day, I swear the angels sang and light shone on to Next’s window display and there she was, this beautiful blue wavy fur coat!
Blue is my black and I’m very fussy about the shade of blue.  The beautiful coat is the perfect outerwear for this season.
What’s great about this coat is whilst it would be perfect for the party season, it can finish the look on a cool but casual outfit.
This coat is just right for a day out shopping or nice walk, all wrapped up in the winter sun.
I think it’s safe to say that I’m obsessing about this coat so much that after I post this I’m off to buy it!!
Will you be out shopping tomorrow? Let me know what you get?
Have a fabulous weekend lovelies.

Winter wonderland


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