Collagen Colway’s Pure Gold Mask

Nothing screams luxury than the sound of a pure gold face mask right?
OK if you can get past randomly bursting into song every time you talk about the mask like me! (Sorry, but Spandau Ballet were big in my day so there’s no escaping it!)
I was lucky enough to get my hands on this gorgeous product through Co Founder of Collagen ColwayMaria Luba-Muczko who kindly gifted me the masks to try out.
I’m quite familiar with Collagen Colway products and have used mainly their Collagen Gel, which is a great product, whilst as a baby faced 37 year old the results aren’t obvious to the eye, the product itself is quality and leaves my skin feeling great!
So Maria kindly suggested I go for the Gold Masks.  Well I was very excited to try and rightly so. These beauties are fantastic.
The site states after 1-2 uses,  instant moisturisation is noticable, after 3-4 uses a gradual reduction of fine lines, reduction of pore size and after 5-7 uses a visible reduction of fine lines with long lasting repair.
So what’s in them? The key ingredients are :
  • Colloidal Gold,
  • Naitive Collagen,
  • Elastin
  • Sodium PCA
  • Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin B and E
The masks come in gorgeous black and gold packaging.  Individually wrapped and on first sight these little gems certainly had me curious.
Looking at them, you could see that they were going to see they were wet, for some reason, I thought they were going to be oily to touch, collagen – fish oil…I just couldn’t separate the two!
Once I unwrapped my mask, it was  scentless but very wet and slippery(like a fish lol).  It’s an all over mask hence the smiley face below!
Applying the mask was interesting and fun!  It was a slippery sucker and very cold on inital application.  You simply place the mask over your  cleansed face and leave for at least 15 minutes.  It does state some people may feel a warming sensation but I was fine.
I won’t show you what I looked like wearing the mask as well it’s just too scary for anyone to see. Plus trying to do a selfie with the mask on proved quite difficult. Once place on face, I kicked back and relaxed.
So why use a gold mask?  What’s the big fuss?  For many years now we’ve seen the power within the elements of gold and using it as part of your skincare regime.   Cleopatra was a big fan!
Colway explain that the gold slows down breakdown of  collagen and elastin in our skin, so by using the masks, you can help improve firmness and the appearance of fine lines.
After 15 mins have passed, you simply rinse off with water and discard the mask.
I’ve used 1 pack and can say that after the first use my skin was fully hydrated, I have combination oily skin with few fine lines.  I can defineatly feel the difference in my skin and would highly recommend using over the winter months as we know how mean the weather can be to our skin.
The gold masks would also make a great Christmas gift.  We always love receiving pampering treats, this would make a great mini luxe gift for someone special.
Collagen Colway also have a special offer as part of their 14 day Gold Mask challenge order 2 packs (6 masks) for £69 normally £90, so it’s worth taking advantage of this great offer.
For more information on Collagen Colway and their products visit  their site here.

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