Let’s talk about….Steam Punk!

It’s a trend that’s kinda always been here and so yet so many people don’t even realise what big fans of it they actually are.

Popular culture has been dipping in and out of this trend for many years now.  Doctor Who, which I’m a massive fan of, often uses Steam punk whether it’s the Doc himself rocking a great suit or whether it’s one of the many alternate dimensions he visits, you can steam punk has a great way of seeping through the cracks!

So what is it?  By definition it’s a sub-genre of sci-fi and fantasy with a post apocalyptic backdrop based on western industrialisation.  So think Victorian with badass style, cogs, clocks and corsets and steam power!

But it doesn’t always have to be a literal take of this great genre.  You will often see Steam punk inspired fashion on the catwalks and how it’s translated down the way to the high street is always very effective.

Now as much as I’d love to bust out a corset, long dress and floss with my frilly brolly on the school run, I’d much rather go subtle like a nice piece of jewellery or accessory!

Enter Emily Halton of Steam Chains.  I met Emily at a bloggers event in London earlier this month.

Now most of you know I’m quite the magpie and absolutely love my jewellery and accessories, so when I the lights at Mahiki shone over Emily’s display of her beautiful pieces, I was immediately drawn!

I got talking with Emily and learnt more about her business.  Steamchain products are not just your run of the mill take on the steam punk trend.  Emily upcycles and is always on the look out for different chains, trinkets and pieces that she can experiment with.    She also takes on custom orders so if you have any broken jewellery that you just can’t part with, I’d definitely think about contacting Emily and share your thoughts on what you like.  Working together with you she can come up with the perfect keepsake.

Emily has taken the essence of steam punk and put her personal stamp on her jewellery.  I’m obsessed with cogs and clocks and what better way to combine a very cool trend than in your jewellery.

Her prices are very reasonable and start from £35 for non personalised pieces, many great examples of her work can be found on her website.
Thank you Emily for my gorgeous bracelet.

I had my eye on so many pieces, but of course I couldn’t possibly buy it all (could I??) One little piece that did speak to me was this cute bracelet.  I fell in love with the stone and upon closer inspection it had the cutest little cog on it.

Me & Emily at Bloggers Love Hub

Are you a fan of Steam punk?  How do you incorporate your favourite trends into your every day wear?

I’d love to hear from you.



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