Retail Therapy – In Session – New Purchases!

Todays purchases were ordered a while back but am pleased to say they arrived today!
So my first purchase was the Joby GorillaPod Stand.

After meeting fellow blogger (and new idol or mine) Naomi Griffiths of Diamonds n Pearls we got talking about selfies and how to get the perfect pitcure (especially H2T shots)  I for one think I’m terrible at selfies (can’t even manage a decent duckface) and often want to show off my new outfits so how does one go about it when there’s no one about?
Naomi was fab, she shared her secret with me, (ok it’s not so much of a secret now) which was a tripod,  the Joby GorillaPod.  I specifically wanted one for my phone as I don’t own a SLR or fancy camera. She warned me off buying cheaper versions and having defected to an Iphone , I wasn’t about to gamble damaging it.
I can’t wait to try this out, so if you see me trying to coil this little gem round your fence or looking like I’m just going mad, fear not it’ll be me just trying to take a picture!
Joby have a range of tripods for smartphones, cameras and camcorders. Prices range from £20-45 online.
The second delivery was from my beauty favourites,  Clarins.  After a visit to my local counter, I decided to return to my first love beauty brand.  With the weather changing, my skin has also changed and has brought new skincare problems to deal with.
The Clarins lady was so lovely and ever so helpful, she gave me a heap of samples to try out, including Hydraquench Lotion for combination oily skin.  The sample I had seemed good and impressive under my makeup, but whilst looking online I discovered Hydraquench had a gel version of their day cream which is a lighter formula, more suited to combination oily skin. However at £35 it was a lot to spend on something that may or may not work for me.

Clarins has always had a great reputation, and I have many favourites from their various lines. But I had always assumed Hydraquench was for dry skin.
Online the reviews were great and I learnt that this gel had been discontinued before, but many reviews welcomed it’s return.  Howevert Clarins had brought it back for online purchase only. Having returned to the Clarins counter a few days later to see my new friend, she was surprised to hear about my new discovery(she too was a fan) she urged me to purchase before it was gone. So after a few more days of using my samples and loving the condition of my skin – I bit the bullet and made the purchase.  Of course with Clarins they’re always so generous with giving you more samples, I got to choose 3 and decided to go with Iris Toning Lotion, Foaming Cleanser and of course the popular, and truly amazing Beauty Flash Balm.
So there you have it, my purchases for today!  Look out for my new pics and not forgetting my gorgeous skin!
Have you bought anything good this week?  I’d love to hear about it.


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