Boobs, bras and fittings!

Who knew buying bras would bring me so much joy. It was truly amazing, I mean a real revelation!
A few weeks ago I booked in to have a fitting with Sara from Bra Sense. I met Sara last year at when I was showcasing my jewellery at a House of Colour Open Day hosted by +Pauline Harwood in Enfield, North London.
Sara was booked up all day from 9-5 on a Saturday.  I watched as women went up for the fittings and came down, happy with their fitting and excited about their purchase.  This had me very curious. What made a Bra Sense fitting so much better than your fitting at your local M&S or department store.  I had to wait a long few months to find out.
Sara visits Enfield twice a year so you can imagine how much in demand she is. So when I found out she was going to be here in October, I jumped at the chance of booking in.
Now before October came, I thought I’d do a little homework to find out more about Bra Sense, the fittings and the bras.  I was worried the bras were going to cost a bomb or they weren’t going to be as pretty or flattering (you know – more function than fashion)  Whilst searching online I came across a fab little video with Sara talking more about what she does,
So after watching the video I took on board what Sara said and thought I’d have a go at buying a new bra that hopefully fitted better.
DES  and TROY (yes I have have named my assets) are very fussy girls.  The last time I was measured I went for 3 different fittings.  I was told I was a 34DD and even with 2.5st weightloss the girls remained the same.  
I shop everywhere for my lingerie, I go with what I like and what fits well.  I normally go with a plunge or a balconette style and have never had any problems. Until after childbirth!  No mine didn’t fall to my knees or anything like that lol, just like with everything in time, my body had changed.
Whilst upon initially putting on my bra, the girls look happy.  But after getting dressed or a few hours of wear, I’d notice they’d be screaming to get out or the girls would have 2 more for company – yes double boob, 4 boob syndrome – whatever you call it, you know what I mean.
A friend of mine recommended Matalan bras so I decided to see for myself. When it comes to shopping, I find Matalan to be a bit like shopping at Primark. Some days you can go in and find some really fab clothes, other days you might find one and the odd time find it was a wasted trip.  
So following on from Sara’s video and information about the bra types on her website I realised I needed a more full cup bra.  The problem I had found in the past was fuller always meant bigger which meant I was just about filling the bra, it also meant that the bras lacked design.  I’m a fun girl and like to think my personality can be seen in everything I wear, including my lingerie! However when I got to the lingerie section I saw a few pretty bras.  
Matalan have a whole range of full cup bra’s so I was really spoilt for choice.  I decided to just grab a simple black number and try on.  Would you believe it, the bra was snug, covered the girls nicely(not too high that I’d have to saw farewell to showing even a little skin).  Nope this was pretty, flattering and cost me £8.  So I had 1 well fitted bra – hooray!
Fast forward to my fitting appointment with Sara.  I wore my Matalan bra to show her and hoped that I had bought the right bra to harness DES and TROY was right for me.  To my surprise I got an A+ from Sara for my choice.  She explained lots about manufacturing, cups and bra fittings and showed me what works and what doesn’t.
As part of her amazing service, you get a full report, giving you the low down on your shape and bra type.  There’s lots of factors to consider, which she puts in the report in more detail.  To give you an idea whilst I’m measured 34DD, depending on where I shop and what style, manufacturer I could be between a range of sizes bigger and smaller.  My biggest mistake was always buying a smaller if a bra came up too big!
So with this wealth of information I decided to revisit good old M&S and see if I could nail the art of buying the right bra! 
M&S have always had some really pretty numbers and have a wide variety of styles, to choose from. I found myself in the “Limited Collection” and saw some gorgeous bras, the next question was what size?  I picked up 2 different sizes my regular 34DD and a 36D I can’t lie the 36D looked like a hammock and if my little boy had seen it, he probably would have proceeded to poke a little fun at me and tell me I’m wearing a parachute! But I kept on looking.   
Once I had decided on on which bras to go with I headed off to the changing room with my array of bras in all different styles and sizes, the lady in the fitting rooms, smiled knowingly and excitedly said “ooooh someones been for a fitting, haven’t they?”
I won’t bore you with how each one fitted, what you need to know is the first bra I tried on, was bigger than my actual bust size, but based on the what Sara taught me and what my report advised me on, I had a good feeling and would you believe it was the perfect fit! Ladies I think I cracked the art of shopping for bras!
I couldn’t wait to try the others, and again fitted like a glove, see ya later boring bras, no more double boobs, it was more hello boys, the girls are back! 
After all the excitement I ended up buying 5 new beautiful sets and received a money off for spending over  £30.  
What’s great about Sara and her amazing service is it’s so self explanatory, her site is full of useful information and you can even request for a starter pack to help you.  It’s not about your bra size like many of us, we already know this, our problem is one size doesn’t always fit all. So it’s knowing your shape and type.  This is where Brasense comes in.  
If Brasense is coming to a town near you, I highly recommend you go pay her a visit. You’ll be glad you did and you may just find yourself doing a little retail therapy!
To book a fitting or to find out more contact Brasense by phone 0845 094 28 27 or email for further information. 

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