FASHION FRIDAY The Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween lovelies!
I love this time of year, having horror movie marathons,telling ghost stories and hiding from the trick or treaters when they knock (kidding!!)
I love how we’ve totally embraced Halloween more-so over the years, Whilst we don’t do trick or treating like they do across the pond, Our American brothers and sisters, know how to put a costume together.
I know I talk about them loads, but my sisters go all out when it comes to Halloween, they’ve been zombies, vampires, Queens of  damned even the brother in law got in on the action.
Me?  Naaah…. I know, I know call me spoil sport, I’m just not the fancy dress type, I’ve been to some great parties over the years and totally admire peoples commitment into executing the perfect costume.  Whilst I absolutely love this day, the closest I get is my regular black nail paint and a vampy red lippy!
In the movies we’ve had some great spooky sirens to give us great inspiration for what to wear for that annual fancy dress party tonight.  One of my screen idols has to be Morticia Adams, from the infamous Adam’s family.  Angelica Huston the legend that she is, brought Morticia back to life in the 90’s, I absolutely loved her in the movies when I was in my teens! 
I think if push, came to shove and I had to go fancy dress for Halloween, I think I’d probably have to pick Morticia, so this weeks #fashionfriday is brought to you with eye of newt, spiders legs and a dash of sultry!  
A black dress down to the floor, with a splash of  “Wicked” or “Salem” Matte lips from Lime Crime, sexy heels and some devilishly delightful accessories to finish the look.  I went with Vintage Crystal necklace and Chantilly lace cuff in black from Stella & Dot  OK it’s not a conventional fancy dress outfit, but I always say, do it in style!!
What will you be dressing up as tonight?
Have a wicked weekend lovelies!

Happy Halloween


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