My Music Loves This Week!

Sound the alarm , Jamie Foxx is back!!  I’m loving his latest track “Party ain’t a party”, which also also features 2 chains and I know it’s going to be a firm favourite in the clubs.

Thank you Mr Foxx, everytime I hear this I can’t help but want to get low!

Seeing Ed Sheeran in one of his music video’s is always a rarity. Camera shy Ed always prefers a brief cameo or a puppet version of himself.

However his latest single “Thinking out loud”  taken from the top selling album of the year  “X” , sees Ed in a lead role AND with his dancing shoes!

Nope this is not his audition piece for Strictly. In a interview I watched recently on E! He talked about how he invited 2 dancers with him on tour and how he rehearsed in between shows.  Ed also mentioned how giving up beer helped him lose a whopping 35lbs! When asked if he found it difficult, he said “not really, I’ve replaced beer with vodka”, a man after my own heart!

I love the song, and the video is great. I also think it’s safe to say this track is going to heading straight to number 1 on the wedding first dance list!


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