Teenage Kicks!

On my way to pick up my boy this week I passed our local secondary school and saw the new intake of  6th formers enjoying their newfound lunchtime freedom (you remember right?)

What I couldn’t help but notice was the oh so important style! Remember all the groups of teens and how their style was defined by music?  Yes I remember my common room – the grungers in one corner, the classics in another, the bassheads out by their cars lol.  It really was all a bit like something out of a coming of age movie! Nowadays  anything goes and the 6th formers, college students really embrace their individuality.

This weeks #fashion Friday is inspired by the college years and by one of my favourite films – Heathers.  Hopefully for those that have seen this movie and love it like I do will appreciate my modern take on a deliciously dark tale!

Have a good one lovelies.



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