FASHION FRIDAY The London Fashion Weekend Edition

As we say farewell to London Fashion Week, I say,  finally I can take my killer heels off!

It’s been an amazing experience following Fashion week as it unfolded, I know I wasn’t there for the big shows, but having attended a few shows and being at London Fashion weekend yesterday I really soaked up the vibe and definitely got myself caught up in the moment!

This weekend I’m definitely going with a more laid back style, I love my sportswear and if I were rich and shameless I’d probably be like those sports stars with a walk in wardrobe just for my trainers!

Sports wear sometimes gets a bad rep, if you’re seen in a pair of trackies outside of the gym it’s considered “chavvy” or just fashion suicide.

Thanks to the Sports Luxe (or Street Style as it’s sometimes known), we’ve been shown how to team up smart/casual day wear with your favourite trainers and still be on trend and look fabulous at the same time.

So this weeks #fashionfriday is for everyone who rocked their heels, pounding the streets of London in search of style and trends at Fashion Week!

Can’t wait for next season.  Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!



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