This week I’ve been mainly in “mum mode” my little boy and his friends are having their joint birthday party this weekend.  Whilst I’ve been worrying about party favours and making sure we’ve enough plates, cups and more importantly food I’ve not even stopped to think about what I’ll be wearing!
This is the first time we’ll be hosting, normally we’ve gone to the local soft play or bowling, but this time, I’ve gotta be on hand to cut up veg, serve tea, man the kids outdoors (with the aid of my amazing friends of course) and in between this make sure I’m camera ready lol
So I’m thinking relaxed and casual is the only way to go and glam it up with the accessories and make up!

This weeks #fashionfriday is inspired by the woman on the run every weekend running around with the kids, be it for a swimming class, shopping or kids parties!

Rebel Pendant, Cady Wrap and Bardot earrings all available from my online boutique.

Have a great weekend lovelies.



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