Psssst Preview alert!! -Autumn 2013

OMG I’m so excited (can you tell?) So in 16 days and counting, I’m off on our annual conference so aptly named HOOPLA! Imagine, over 2000 stylists from UK, Ireland Germany and our new stylists about to launch in France – all under one roof! It’s going to be a blast.

This will be my first time at HOOPLA but I’m told it never fails to exceed expectations and I really can’t wait as it coincides with the launch of one of the main product launches of the year, our Autumn collection.

The press have had the luxury of having a sneak peak so I thought I’d share that with you all too!

Preview alert! Redbook Magazine got a first look at our Fall 2013 Collection and shared a sneak peek of what’s to come on July 19th! I reckon you’ll be in “Haven”! 

I’m just looking forward to trying on these bad boys and putting in my order for my new samples so I can show off you to all and to my hostesses and their friends!

Stylist Magazine got a first look at our Autumn 2013 Collection and shared a sneak peek of what’s to come on July 19th! 

Discover the Peacock Necklace here:

For me so far,  I’m loving the richness and depth of the colours.  To be honest Autumn, is most definitely my favourite season, all the great colours and trends which are always great as carry through when crossing seasons.

I just know this will be one of the best seasonal collections yet.  The Spring collection was heavy on the gold, but great for variety and the Summer collection brought us our holiday accessories and essentials. So I’m really excited!

I know what my favourites are…. let me know what you think so far!


Would you like to be one of the first to try on and own the new line?
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