Happy Birthday to ME!! (Pt 2)

So we move to the bank holiday Monday (my actual birthday!) It’s official I’m on the wrong side of 30 now EEK!! Or as my friend puts it I’m merely 18 x 2 darling!

I was just so glad to see the sunshine managed to squeeze another day in (I don’t think I could have handled a grey, depressing sky birthday!)

So it began with being greeted by my son at 6am and as usual( because I’m a mum-bot) I just woke and made breakfast, and the usual pottering!  I was then given my present kindly addressed “princess” by my friend Katy and fellow business owner commonly known as Mummy Pig who helped the boys make sure I got the right present!

So it turns out it was a gorgeous new handbag!  Just what I needed for the summer days ahead (yes I know I’m being slightly overly optimistic)

I loved this bag the minute I saw it, which was over ago when Katy & I worked at an event together.  I’ve always been a big fan of skulls but didn’t want the generic tan/black bags which I had seen many women around rocking! Although nice, I wanted something different!   I almost did go with a fuchsia bag, but I’d already bought my neon pink satchel so when I saw this baby, I was in love!

It was perfect in every way and so different to what had been around! So I was a very happy girl on Monday!

If like me you love your bags, pop over to Facebook and check out her amazing store. She has everything covered, from fashion bags to genuine leather high end gems and also fashion accessories too!
I have to say, when my sisters shop for me they nail it every time!  I’ve added 2 new tops to my wardrobe and yes animal print has finally made it in!  My sister is FANimal, she just adores animal print, me on the other hand have always gone with snake print in the very smallest detail and if it’s going to be of the cat variety I can only allow for it to be on my toes when my nails have been Minx’d or I’m wearing a cute pair of pumps!
I think my sisters both feel it was time to embrace this fashion trend that is clearly never going to fade!  Little sis bought me a gorgeous multi neon coloured animal print scarf! Looks like I’m covered on the trend front!
This year I decided I wanted a watch, so between friends and family I’ve managed to save enough money for a watch that I’ve had my eye on since February.  Funnily enough I saw it on a client and knew I just had to have one!
Watch  this space for more details!   I’m very excited about getting it!  Though many have pointed out that I have 4 watches already – is this the start of a watch fetish?  Whatever it is I like it, though I think I need to invest in a multi storage watch box as I just know it won’t be the last…..pretty much like how I am about my my tattoos, but that’s a story for another day!
The evening was spent with my family, a few drinks at the Cherry Tree, then on to dinner at Cafe Rouge in Southgate.
It was a wonderful evening filled with good food and wine and great company, I’m probably paying for it now on the scales but it was worth every bit!  I treated myself to deep fried Camembert for starters, followed by what I can only describe as the best steak I’ve ever eaten!  I went with a juicy Sirloin, no sauces.  Sometimes keeping it simple is the only way!  Dessert was a divine slab of heaven – Chocolate Ganache!
So what did I wear?  I decided to rock the monochrome look (above pic with bag) I actually bought the outfit from New Look.  I’m totally in love with the Aztec print trend which we saw at the beginning of SS13, they have a fantastic of print skirts from about £12.99-£20
How did I accessorise?
I decided to team it up with gold and went with one of my personal favourites from Stella & Dot which was the Avalon crescent and Avalon Station to layer and added a little #armparty by wearing the stunning Tempest bracelet and my all time favourite the Renegade.
I think it all worked, and I felt I looked good, but hey that’s just me!
All the jewellery is available from my online store at www.stelladot.co.uk/naddyj or if you are on facebook why not connect with me https://www.facebook.com/StellaAndDotByNaddyJ
Now my big day is over, we move onto kid sis No.1 tomorrow and baby sis on Sunday – let the celebrations continue!

If it’s your birthday this month, I hope you have a fabulous one, I’d love to hear your plans or how you spent it!

Enjoy lovelies!

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