Happy Birthday to ME!! (Pt1)

So how was your weekend?  You got to love a bank holiday thrown in for good measure!

Mine was pretty busy and a lot of fun!  To boot I was celebrating what my sisters and I call “birthday apocalypse”, you see we are born 3 days, so it’s non stop, week long celebrations.

When we were younger it was so much easier, 1 or 2 parties and we were done!  Now with partners, friends and family added to the mix, it can get pretty hectic (not to mention my future mother in law shares the same birthday as me!)

So as first born, I kick off the madness (and fun) that is birthday apocalypse!

I started with a child free weekend, which I’m sure any parent is always a blessing when given the opportunity!  I was treated to a movie and dinner on Saturday, which I was very excited about as I was very excited to see the Iron Man 3 and after my epic failure last year of getting to my favourite restaurant, I was sure as hell, this was not going to happen again.

Iron Man 3 was amazing!! We watched it in IMAX 3D, and have to admit I was blown away, by the sheer quality and the strange sensation of being part of the film at times,  I’m only too thankful there were no intimate scenes as well that would have just been down right weird!

My inner geek was most definitely satisfied with the latest instalment from the Marvel movie franchise, especially after the bitter disappointment of what was Iron Man 2, they have redeemed themselves in my book.

I shan’t go into detail about the film as like many, when movies are topic of discussion, I have a strict #nospoilers policy! Instead, here’s the trailer :

All I will say is if you have never seen a film in IMAX 3D and there is a cinema  near you with this screen available GO SEE SOMETHING AMAZING!

I already plan to see the new Star Trek next week, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg and the awesomeness that is Benedict Cumberbatch – need I say more?  In case you need a reminder why this is going to be so good, here’s the trailer!

Weird fan fact, Chris Pines groupies are called Pine nuts and Benedict has Cumberbitches, I know which one I am, who are you a massive fan of?

So dinner was at a local restaurant and personal favourite of mine Ristorante Genco, one of southgates’ little gems on the high street.

The food is amazing, the menu vast and full of fantastic choice with flavours out of this world.  Every time I go I can’t wait to see what’s on the ‘Dishes of the day’

So for my starter I went with my usual Avocado Diverso – which is Crabmeat dressed with a Rose Marie sauce, served on avocado slices, with smoked trout and a mouthwatering creamed horsradish. It’s light, full of flavour, well presented and just enough to start you off with your dining experience!

For my main I decided to go with one of the dishes of the day which was Gnocchi, served with chorizo, spinach and mozzarella. I tend to struggle with mains when I dine out, but I love trying new things and normally I would steer clear of food like Gnocchi especially with it being smothered in Mozzarella, but I thought – what the heck! It’s my birthday weekend, I deserve a treat! (yes my birthday always lasts the whole weekend and even at times during the following week, if I can make it stretch lol)

I cannot praise Genco enough. Angelo, Emilio & their wonderful staff are always welcoming, offering fantastic food at such a high standard, yet at an affordable price.  You always leave having a memorable dining experience and planning your next visit!

Yes I’m heading back there again at the end of the month!

If you ever get a chance, pop in for a light bite or plan a wonderful evening with loved ones and enjoy a fantastic, memorable dining experience!

Tommorrow, I’ll tell you all about my birthday and will reveal what was in the package that arrived on Friday!



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