Stella & Dot Summer Collection 2013 – The Jewellery

In my last blog we looked at the fabulous new season accessories which I’m sure you’ll agree look great and rich with the summer vibe, if only the weather would catch up with the mood!
So what’s new with the jewellery? In true Stella & Dot style we have a new statement necklace – The Juniper necklace, big, bold and vibrant!
Juniper Necklace


A very unique piece, with bold bright colours, I’ve been a massive fan of the deep greens and blues that have been seen throughout SS13 and love that it has been carried forward into trends for summer.
Bracelets have been really strong for the new collection I’m loving the new Wanderlust single and triple wrap collection.
Giving you that boho feel, these cool, chic bracelets are going to prove to be very popular!
My personal favourites are the Wanderlust triple wrap in rose gold (top left)  beautifully designed, wrapped with a metallic thread along with the stunning beads that love the light giving you a wonderful sparkle. This is definitely an eye catcher and I love the beautiful yet simply designed Spirit Bracelet (bottom left)
When it came to the triple wraps and deciding on what samples to invest in, I was torn between the rose gold and  and the aqua (bottom right).  In the end I went with the rose gold which feelwas the right choice for me.  I have seen the aqua and it is equally as beautiful.  Clients also have the choice of 3 other limited addition colours  in the triple wrap Pink, Green and Orange, which I believe will all be a hit this summer and a perfect addition to any outfit.
We also have the single wraps in 2 colours Pink (top right) and Green, both pretty, and bright. These will make ideal gifts for friends, daughters, nieces and what’s great is you can always stack them with other bracelets and bangles.  You can’t beat an #armparty , the bigger the better I always say!
The Spirit bracelet was originally launched as part of  a capsule collection for the Autism Awareness campaign which Stella & Dot are passionate campaigners for.  So 5 pieces make up the collection with the Spirit Bracelet and the multistripe jewellery roll making their debut, with the net proceeds from the collection will support the National Autistic Society.
I’m wearing the Spirit Bracelet teamed up with the new Hudson wrap and Harlow bangle
The Guilded arrow and Maya bracelets are new additions to the already existing collections.
Whilst we were spoilt for choice with the spring collection,  I did feel that when it came to the metals it was heavily dominated by gold, so to see this lovely piece in silver is a welcome addition.  The delicate Maya bracelets will definitely make a great gift set with the Maya necklace and  again available in gold/turquoise and Silver/labradorite.
To see more of the summer collection and our other fantastic lines visit
So what’s your favourite piece?  Do you prefer the accessories over the jewellery? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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