Stella & Dot Summer collection 2013 – The accessories

The sun may not be out, and we’re still wearing our winter coats, but in my heart the sun is always shining!

I have my shades, the clothes, the shoes and now my summer jewellery and accessories thanks to the Stella & Dot all new summer collection which launched today in the UK!!
Filled with vibrant colours, on trend designs and giving you that holiday feel you’ve all been waiting for.
So what’s new? Following from the Spring collection which was gave us so much new jewellery to choose from!  This new season provides us the perfect accessories to compliment the fabulous jewellery!
We have a whole new range of scarves, 3 of the Bryant scarves from last season have been carried through, but in addition we welcome the Palm Springs collection – bright,vibrant colours, beautiful in designs and with a luxurious look and feel.  All versatile scarves to suit everyday and perfect for those cool summer evenings.
Palm Springs Scarves £45
The Tech Wallet – A personal favourite of mine which Stella & Dot Launched as part of their Christmas 2012 collection was the Tech wallet. Beautiful, compact, and perfect for a night out.  I own the Chelsea Tech wallet, when it comes to animal prints I always am drawn to snakeprints so when I saw this gorgeous purse, I instantly fell in  love!
Joining the Chelsea tech is Navy stripe and Zebra Stripe.  Both following current trends and stunning inside and out, these new additions will definitely be a hit with fans of Stella & Dot!


Both new additions very affordable whereas the Chelsea tech comes in at £75 the new summer collection are on sale for £45 which many will agree great value for money.
For those not familiar with the “Tech Wallets” they are gorgeous compact wallets, perfect for a night out, keys, lippy, change, cash card and phone will all fit in.  I use mine regularly for nights out and can confirm it does all fit in.  I believe the phone slot in the centre was designed for the Iphone generation but as a dedicated follower of Samsung, I can confirm it fits like a glove and will suit most smartphones of today!
Upon closer inspection there’s a cheeky “Call me” message embossed on the inside of the Chelsea wallet, which gave me a sense of nostalgia of the “good old days” However the newer ones are missing that quirky, flirtatious vibe!
So what else is there?
Did I mention the new jewellery rolls for those who just can’t leave their Stella & Dot jewellery behind when jetting off to warmer climates?
Bring it Multistripe Jewellery Roll £32
 Purchases made in April for this roll benefits the National Autistic Society 
In my next blog I’ll be showing you these gorgeous rolls and we can’t forget the jewellery! New wrap  bracelets as part of the wanderlust collection, stunning earrings and new additions to current collections!
If you can’t wait and have to see them now, pop over to or get in touch to place your order.
What do you think of the new scarves and wallets?  What’s your favourite new piece from the summer collection, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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